Please help with my Cisco 1750 and Firewall...

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jsandlin0803, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. jsandlin0803

    jsandlin0803 Guest

    Ok, I have tried to get this in my head for a while now. I am going to
    be setting this up soon, and i want to have it in my head before i try
    it. Here is all of the details...

    Cisco 1750 Router with T1 WIC
    Fractional T1 Internet Service
    HotBrick Firewall/VPN Appliance
    LAN with 20 computers

    As of now, this company has a dsl circuit going through the HotBrick.
    The HotBrick handles all of the Firewall and VPN. They have around 5
    people that connect through vpn. They have had this set up before, but
    i wasnt the one that set the cisco up. They just had the cisco in the
    WAN port of the HotBrick for the T1 service. I will look somethink like

    LAN------(LAN)HotBrick(WAN)-------(LAN)Cisco1750(T1 WIC)------Internet

    Now, there will be a pool of 5 static ip's given for the T1 circuit. I
    know how to do basic things on the Cisco, like assign all of the ip's
    and all of the basic things.

    Now, i need a static ip that the vpn users will use to be forwarded to
    the HotBrick for authentication and to be able to access the LAN.

    If you could, tell me what i need to set the ip's on the Cisco LAN
    side, and the HotBrick WAN side, and how to route the incoming vpn
    traffic to the HotBrick VPN Appliance.

    This is how i think it needs to be, but i dont know how to put it in
    the cisco router this way....

    IP Given by ISP)

    Let me know if this is wrong or not, and how to get the vpn users from
    the cisco to go directly to the HotBrick.

    jsandlin0803, Oct 7, 2005
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