PLEASE HELP! MY Yahoo password stopped working, and they don't believe me.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by L.C., Sep 11, 2003.

  1. L.C.

    L.C. Guest

    PLEASE HELP! My 5-year old Yahoo Password suddenly stopped working,
    and they don’t believe me. 10 days ago when I first encountered
    this, I was able to get them to generate a new password, but when I
    changed that back to my original one, it all stopped working again.
    The problem with Yahoo Help is that I couldn’t completely
    remember my old alternate e-mail address, since I never used it, and
    it has long since been discontinued by Hotmail. I did get the
    “security question” correct, but apparently that
    wasn’t enough. They also said my ZIP code was wrong, which is
    crazy. I’ve volunteered all kinds of other unique knowledge
    about the account, but no ice. I was wondering if they had some kind
    of file corruption, since there has to be some reason the password
    stopped working.

    Has anyone experienced something like this, and gotten it fixed? Is
    there a real person, phone number, or alternate e-mail address with
    Yahoo that could get me some help here? THANKS!
    L.C., Sep 11, 2003
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  2. L.C.

    NoOne Guest

    Yahoo? Real person? You have got to be joking! I've been trying to find a
    real person for years!
    One thing I should say is....'have you noticed the 'mistakes' in your post?
    Make sure your keyboard is mapped correctly and double-check your Yahoo info
    when typing it in!
    You can't SEE the password when you type it, so type it into a text-file
    first so you CAN see it, then Copy&Paste it into your Yahoo info. It just
    might be that you ain't inputing the correct info.
    NoOne, Sep 11, 2003
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  3. L.C.

    SoManyHaters Guest

    It's easy to contact Yahoo, go to their homepage and click on contact us!
    SoManyHaters, Sep 12, 2003
  4. L.C.

    trout Guest

    Um, yes; what *is* going on there? Have you recently changed your
    font, charset, or encoding?
    trout, Sep 12, 2003
  5. L.C.

    pcbutts1 Guest

    Your problem is your keyboard and check for viruses.
    pcbutts1, Sep 12, 2003
  6. L.C.

    Barry OGrady Guest

    What do you mean, "they don’t believe me."
    What are the numbers for?

    Web page:
    Atheist, radio scanner, LIPD information.
    Voicemail/fax number +14136227640
    Barry OGrady, Sep 12, 2003
  7. L.C.

    NoOne Guest

    NoOne, Sep 12, 2003
  8. L.C.

    L.C. Guest

    Let me try this again -- I understand and appreciate your comments. I
    first wrote my message in Word, then pasted it into Google. Too late,
    I noticed that gibberish got inserted wherever there was an
    apostrophe. Yahoo's failure to recognize my password happens on
    multiple machines, home and work, so I don't think it's a keyboard,
    mapping, or virus problem. Any other ideas? Thanks.
    L.C., Sep 13, 2003
  9. L.C.

    slumpy Guest

    "So, Mr Slumpy you *really* are the perpetual comedian, aren't you ?" I
    threw back my head and roared with laughter as L.C. continued:
    I haven't been able to access my Yahoo pop3 accounts or geoshitties
    webspace for 2 months, might just let it die :-(
    slumpy, Sep 13, 2003
  10. L.C.

    bi241 Guest


    same here, after a few months of not using one of my yahoo email,
    yahoo account refused to recognise the correct password and keep
    asking for a non-exsisting "correct" password. had i not trusted my
    memory on the password (i got 20 different emails and passwords to
    rememember) i might have thought that my brain had gone wacked.
    chances are no password you try will work and chances are you might
    not be able to ever get back that account.

    here's the reasons:
    a) when your old accounts are not used for a short period of time,
    yahoo will assume that was not important to you and freeze it. when
    you come back they will ask you to confirm your alternate email which
    you didnt bother to give or they'll ask you for your personal
    information which you dont even remember what you have entered.
    b) if your account is frozen for no reason at all, then maybe yahoo
    likes to take this opportunity to thank you for using yahoo and ask if
    you are really... you

    i dont remember who i said i was.... so there...LOL

    oh yeah... new yahoo account has tougher security, it requires real
    alternate email, longer procedure.. longer password...

    definitely different than what it took 5 year ago to have a yahoo
    account.. you miss the liberty back then, no?
    bi241, Sep 27, 2003
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