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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    For anyone following this;

    The PC is now on
    The laptop is now on
    Files are now shared.
    Both machines ping each other.
    PC is on the internet fine.
    Laptop does not access internet.
    That is where it's stuck!
    Default gateway has been set to on the laptop, and then
    not set to no avail.
    ICS just cocks it all up, unsurprisingly.
    All settings have been manually set.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 23, 2004
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  2. does the ICS show up on the desktop. I forget what it looks like - a
    hand under the icon for the network connection and an extra entry
    about sharing ?

    what DNS servers set on laptop ? can laptop ping an external IP
    address ?

    can they share files now ? the shared ICS connection should show up on
    the laptop's 'My Network Places'

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
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    ? did you try to repair ? what did it say ?
    Lurch came around (nice blokie ) and we're now sharing files .. but not the
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  4. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    Not sure on that one.
    None, at present, what are the DNS addresses, (I can't find them
    anywhere on bt's pages). I wasn't aware that the laptop required them.
    The Folders that are shared show up, not a specific ICS icon.

    As I don't really use ICS, (more of a routers and IP addressing sort
    of guy!), I'm not fully offay with the setup as you can probably tell!
    On the PC the ICS connection is in network connections. It says
    waiting for incoming connections or something similar. There isn't one
    on the laptop, (in network connections at least).

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 24, 2004
  5. I saw his post. Looks to me like ICS isn't running on the desktop, or
    not properly.;en-us;314066

    Stick with the manual address on the laptop.
    What does it have for DNS servers on the laptop ? can you ping an
    external address for example ping from the laptop - if
    so its a DNS problem, if not its th eICS thing.

    You could copy the DNS addresses from the internet connection of the
    desktop and plug them into the laptop.

    Time for bed said zebedee

    Phil Thompson, Jan 24, 2004
  6. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    If you would like to try that do this.
    In the Run box type


    Click OK, let us know what the results are.
    I think I've come up with some more ideas.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 24, 2004
  7. if the laptop has an IP address set manually it'll need a DNS entry
    putting in as telling it to use a manual IP turns off the DHCP client.

    I don't use ICS now either, using a router, but I would expect to
    either put in the DNS from the desktop machine (ipconfig /all from an
    OS window or right mouse on the Icon, Status/Support/Details will show
    them up) or put in so that it looks to the ICS machine for

    Reading a few google results shows quite a few people having DNS
    problems with ICS.

    May also be worth visiting Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services
    to check all the right bits are running. Enjoy.

    Phil Thompson, Jan 24, 2004
  8. what like ??
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 25, 2004
  9. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    Did you try the thing with the DNS's?
    Set the laptop DNS address to
    Try internet explorer and go to a page.
    Does this work?
    Off the top of my head I can't remember where the DNS address for the
    BT connection are.
    Let me know how you get on with that.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 25, 2004
  10. What does it have for DNS servers on the laptop ?


    Done internetconnection trys to reach laptop

    Result pinging *32 bytes of data request timed out.*
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 26, 2004
  11. didn't work doesn't got to a page.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 26, 2004
  12. get the DNS servers off the one connected to the internet
    cmd window
    ipconfig /all

    or look at properties of connection

    put them into laptop DNS entries on the page where you put the fixed
    IP address in - wasn't it ?

    If you look at properties of the internet connection on the desktop is
    it shared ? try unsharing it, reboot then sharing it again. How many
    network connections show up on your machine ?

    Phil Thompson, Jan 27, 2004
  13. just to be sure, can you ping that address from the desktop with the
    broadband connection ? if not find an ip address it will ping - a
    search engine or the like

    Phil Thompson, Jan 27, 2004
  14. nothing works .. we've had enough :(
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 27, 2004
  15. bye !

    Phil Thompson, Jan 27, 2004
  16. thanks for all your help Phil and Stuart ... we must have a dodgy machine
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 27, 2004
  17. Late into this thread.
    I had a similar problem but overcome by either disabling, or configuring
    the firewalls.
    Try it if you haven't already. Done so.
    David W Allen, Jan 28, 2004
  18. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    Firewalls disabled, I thought of that one!
    I was thinking of removing all hardware, software and settings and
    then starting from fresh.
    That should do it.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 28, 2004
  19. did we ever get a ping that worked from the BB connected machine but
    not from the other ? Did removing and restarting ICS make any
    difference ? Were the BB DNS addresses put onto the laptop ?

    The IP layer was working fine, ICS sharing wasn't. No case for
    removing hardware, shirley ?

    Phil Thompson, Jan 29, 2004
  20. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    No, but to aid troubleshooting in the future. There is still a lot of
    installed protocols that are unused, excessive or disabled. Rather
    than try and delve into it all and remove the protocols individually.
    A bit like the old "what do we do? It'd be easier to tell you what we
    don't do" kind off thing.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 29, 2004
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