Please help I'm a newbie

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. how do you do this and does it need doing on both puters???

    anyone live in Shrewsbury and fancy a cuppa .. to sort me networking out ...
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
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  2. right we've put everything to share on the main pc.. but it's no go with the
    lappy... anyone got a hammer
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
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  3. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Nig Guest

    Click on Start and select run. In the box type \\othercomputername and
    click OK. This should start an explorer window showing the shares on the
    other PC.

    You also mentioned somewhere that you were trying to share the Net
    connection as well. Have you enabled Internet Connection Sharing on the
    Internet connected PC at all? How are the PCs connected?

    Would this help?


    It's written for NTL CM connection, but the principles will be the same
    whatever ISP you use. Is your BT connected machine connected with USB
    to one of those Frog things? If so, you should enable ICS on that
    connection, which will set the other NIC to Set the laptop
    to auto TCP/IP configuration, and it should see the other PC as the
    gateway. As you mentioned that you wireless connection was good, I'm
    assuming that is OK and it is just TCP you are having trubs with.

    Actually, using that Start/Run trick, in the box you could type cmd,
    click OK. and at the prompt type 'ipconfig /all', which will show what
    address the PC has. This may also give some indication as to why your
    file sharing is not working.

    If you done all this, did you also enable the XP firewall?
    I was across that way at New Year, you should've mentioned it then;-)
    Nig, Jan 22, 2004
  4. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    I live in Shrewsbury, chuck in some chocky bicices and you've got a

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 22, 2004
  5. from My Computer select a folder you want to share, click right mouse,
    select Sharing and Security, check "Share this folder on network" and
    give it a name. The folder icon will then have a Hand under it to show
    it is shared.

    If you can't see the sharin goptions go to My Network Places, View
    network connections, right mouse for Proprerties and make sure "File
    and Printer Sharing for MS Networks" and "Client for MS Networks" are
    enabled on the conection you plan to use.

    While you're there, note down (and post here) the IP address of the
    connection, it will be on the lower left in the "Details" box or do
    right mouse Properties of the network connection then look at
    Properties of the TCP/IP protocol.

    When you knwo both IP addresses try to contact one from the other by
    opening an OS window by putting cmd in the Run box of start then type
    ping (or whatever the address of the other machine is)

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
  6. LOL .... where are you then :eek:D
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  7. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    At the mo, Radbrook. I'll not give anymore than that on a NG!!

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 23, 2004
  8. No joy... can't work it out... we've tried everything over and over again ..
    it's got to be something dead daft... but what ????
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  9. ah .. I'm in monkmoor
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  10. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Lurch Guest

    I've just driven through Monkmoor!
    It does sound as though it's something astoundingly simple not set
    quite right.
    I did have trouble getting XP to network properly when it was first
    out, it thinks it's cleverer than you. It trys changing things while
    you're not looking.
    Just to recap then, you've run your wizards, enabled file sharing but
    can't browse the remote machine.
    Sometimes the wizards over simplify what you want to do. That's why I
    like to do it all manually.

    A.C.S. Ltd.
    Lurch, Jan 23, 2004
  11. and the IP addresses on the two machines are....

    and can they ping each other ?

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
  12. yep dun all that.. well husband as any how
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  13. e-mail me
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  14. now there's thing to check... which ip do we put in the lappy.. the PC's or
    BTyahoo's ????

    what's a ping??? sorry for being so dull... you're being really great :eek:)
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  15. its what I explained somewhere up the thread - a command you issue
    from an OS window, you get the black screen window up by putting 'cmd'
    in the Run box of Start. If you then type 'ipconfig' you will see the
    IP address of that machine.

    If it has two interfaces it may have 2 IP addresses, for example one
    for the ADSL modem and the other for the network card. Its the latter
    we want. Write it down.

    Go to the other machine, open an OS window and find out the IP
    address. Post both IP addresses here.

    type 'ping other.ip.add.ress' in the OS window using the *other*
    machines IP address. This will bounce 4 packets off the othe rmachine,
    'ping' is like echo sounding a submarine - if it gets there it is
    echo'd back. Tell us if you can ping one machine from the other, and
    vice versa, and what the IP addresses are.

    The IP addresses should be 192.168.0.x if XP has configured them, with
    the machine connected to the internet given

    What we're doing here is finding out if the TCP/IP layer is working
    properly, ie do we have a network. If it is then we can look at adding
    file sharing on top, but at the moment there are too many known

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
  16. won't allow a x

    lappy ip is

    sorry for being a pain again.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  17. aha. Progress. You have only half answered the question of course. The
    laptop has not been assigned an IP address, so it has made one up for
    itself. To try to fix this right mouse the relevant Network connection
    (Start/My Network Places/View network connections) and select Repair.

    It may say "Cannot obtain IP address" or the like, in which case you
    need to tell us about the other end.

    If that doesn't work you could manually set the IP address of the
    laptop to in properties of tcp/ip. You might then be able
    to ping the other end if its on a 192.168.0.x address

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
  18. sarky lol

    pc ip
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  19. Thanks Stuart .. yer a goodun
    I'll get you some more choccie biccys
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 23, 2004
  20. and the laptop ? did you try to repair ? what did it say ?

    have you tried to set laptop IP manually ?

    The problem is that the laptop is not getting an IP address in the
    correct range. This can happen with wireless cards assigning
    themselves an IP address during boot up, in which case "Repair" fixes

    It can also happen if the desktop isn't running a DHCP server, for
    example because ICS isn't running properly.

    Phil Thompson, Jan 23, 2004
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