Please help I'm a newbie

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. we've got a emachine wireless lappy (a month old) and packard bell pc (2 wks
    old) with a netgear wireless card plugged in it all running on XP home.
    We've got them connected and the signal is good, but we can't get them to
    share files or the net no matter what we do.

    My husband is pulling out what's left of his hair.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
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  2. Have you enabled file sharing??
    Richard Haygreen, Jan 22, 2004
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  3. yes love on both machines.

    We get this window up ....
    *Map Network Drive
    windows can help you connect to a shared network folder and assign a drive
    letter to the connection so that you can access the folder using My
    Specify the drive letter for the connection and the folder you want to
    connect to....... *

    trouble is the drive letters are every letter from the alphabet ...but C & D
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  4. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Alan Walker Guest

    Have you run the Network Connection Wizard ?

    If so what does it say ?
    Alan Walker, Jan 22, 2004
  5. yes it's been run and it's fine...
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  6. both machines are running a connection ... but I can't seem to get files to
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  7. all files needed are clicked to share.. but they don't.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  8. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Nig Guest

    You can't use C and D as they are already in use. Just choose the next
    one, so you have drives C, D and F. The F drive will then appear in

    What version of Windows are on the machines? Setting MS networkup up is
    different between 9x, 2K and XP.
    Nig, Jan 22, 2004
  9. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Bernard Peek Guest

    That's right. When you set up a new drive mapping you need to select a
    drive letter that isn't already being used. So pick something like S for
    shared drive. Your machine will then have drive A: for the floppy, drive
    c: for the hard disk, drive D: for the CD or DVD drive and drive S: for
    the network.

    It's generally not a good idea to use the next available drive letter
    (which would be E: ) because that will be used if you add another
    physical drive, such as a CD writer.
    Bernard Peek, Jan 22, 2004
  10. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Rob Morley Guest

    The Map a Network Drive feature is to make a folder on the _other_
    machine appear to be local. You can also access them by typing
    \\machine-name\share-name in the Explorer address bar, or by browsing
    from My Network Places. Does either of these work?
    Are the machines talking to each other at all? Try pinging to see if
    TCP/IP is working okay.
    Rob Morley, Jan 22, 2004
  11. the machine as picked drive z... but it's not showing up on the machine.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  12. we're on XP home on both machines
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  13. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    usenet Guest

    I think it's asking for the drive letter you want the shared drive to
    be on the computer which is the 'client'. It already has drives C and
    D locally so you can't use those two letters.
    usenet, Jan 22, 2004
  14. so each machine has folders showing a hand icon under them ?

    can the machines browse each other eg put \\othercomputername into the
    Run box of Start and you should see what's being shared on the one
    calle dothercomputername

    Phil Thompson, Jan 22, 2004
  15. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Nig Guest

    Ok, in that case, you may have to add the user of local machine to the
    remote one. And vice versa if you want to map drives both ways. Either
    that or enable the guest account on both machines.
    Nig, Jan 22, 2004
  16. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Nig Guest

    I thought Windows would take care of available drive assignments. Yes it
    makes them nice and orderly, but AFAIA, it won't cause a conflict if you
    do use the next available one for a drive mapping. Perfectly happy to be
    proved wrong tho'.
    Nig, Jan 22, 2004
  17. you don't need to map them at all, they can be handled as

    Phil Thompson, Jan 22, 2004
  18. -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-

    Nig Guest

    Indeed, but I think Maz wants to map the drive. You can also just do
    \\computername and exploder will open showing the available shares.
    Nig, Jan 22, 2004
  19. it also tells us to make a folder... but it won't let us.
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
  20. I don't care how it's done so long as we get to share files and the net..
    easier the better.. nice peeps
    -:¦:-Maz-:¦:-, Jan 22, 2004
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