Please help! I cant access my yahoo email anymore!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by StoneMonkey, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. StoneMonkey

    StoneMonkey Guest

    Hi, please can someone help?

    My setup:
    OS: XP
    Connection: AOL dialup
    Firewall: vanilla Internet Connection Firewall (ICF)

    I have 2 yahoo email accounts. My primary is * and my
    backup is * I could access both fine until about 4 days
    ago. Then I tried to access my primary address from the
    site and got this error:

    The page cannot be displayed.
    Cannot find server or DNS error

    I thought it was strange so I tried accessing my other email account
    and it worked fine (* I then typed into
    my web browser and that didnt work either - just gave me the error
    message that it could not find I then tried the rest
    of yahoo europe and I got the same problem. Any european yahoo site
    such as denmark, france, germany etc I cant connect to. However all
    other yahoo sites worldwide are fine:,, etc. I can access any other websites either in the Uk,
    europe, worldwide fine too as far as I can tell. This seems just to
    be a problem with yahoo for me.

    I thought it could be a problem with my config so I decided to do
    reformat my drive and do a complete reinstall of my OS XP software.
    Still no go and the same problem.

    Another thing I have just noticed: When I go to the
    website (which I can access fine) and then type in my username and
    password for my primary email (* it will give me the DNS
    error. If I type back in into the browser, yahoo will
    say I am logged in with a welcome message and tell me I have new email
    there waiting for me. However when I click on New Mail icon it will
    just give me the same DNS error again. I can access the address book
    fine and calender and even the account info to change password etc but
    I cant get to my email.

    I went down the road to the local internet cafe and I can access
    everything fine from there with no problems.......

    I tried turning off ICF completely and it didnt help. Could this be a
    DNS problem or a domain problem? Can anyone help? I searched google
    for similar problems but found none. Am I the only person
    experiencing this problem? I have emailed yahoo but nothing back yet.

    Thanks for your time,

    StoneMonkey, Apr 11, 2004
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  2. <reading problems, now snipped for bandwidth>

    Sure. Dump AOL and get a real ISP.
    Blinky the Shark, Apr 11, 2004
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