please advice......palm pilot

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Richard Berman, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. I am looking to buy a small palm pilot (I think thats what they are
    called). All I really want to be able to do with it is type documents
    (i don't want it for all the calendar stuff....). I would like it to
    have the option to buy a keyboard because as I said the main reason I
    want it is to type docs. I am also very keen on buying a small printer
    (if possible) to plug in to print stuff out - on a4 paper.

    What make/model should I look into. I am really looking for the
    cheapest as possible (will probs look on ebay) and it doesn't need
    extra special features. I think I would rather old and basic.

    please advice. I lost without you guys! Thanks

    Richard Berman, Jul 19, 2004
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  2. Richard Berman

    Boomer Guest


    Have you read through these groups?
    Boomer, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. Richard Berman

    Winston Guest


    A couple things to think about-

    The keyboards *look* sufficiently rugged to carry with your Palm.
    They are not. Consider how you will protect the keyboard from
    spontaneous disassembly. Carrying a keyboard in your hip pocket
    will cause it to fail.

    After all these years, the driver software for the keyboards still
    causes data to be erased every few times you use a shortcut.
    If you are paying attention, you can get the data back by scribbling
    an 'undo' grafitti.

    That said, I use a keyboard with my Palm very often and am pleased.
    The tendency of the keyboard to disassemble itself is just a
    charming quirk. After all, they are less than US$100 each.


    To your questions:
    Check your local Office Supply store. I buy all my Palm gear from them
    as opposed to my local electronics dealer. Much more pleasant experience,
    no repackaged goods and better warranty support.
    I like Quickword from Cutting Edge Software.
    Seamless export and import to your MSoft Office software.
    Best is to print Palm documents from your desktop.

    You can print directly using the infrared port with PrintBoy or similar products.
    These are good for simple lists and very little more, because
    much of the formatting is lost.

    If cost is an issue, locate a Laserjet 6. They come with infrared input.
    Ask around. One of your pals' mom bought one last year and got frustrated
    with Grafitti. It is now in her desk, second drawer on the left side.
    Offer her 20% of retail for it. Remember to recharge the battery.
    Avoid purchasing a well used unit. The screens scratch readily.
    See if you can locate a later generation unit, because Grafitti II is
    better than the original Grafitti language and the later units are faster.

    Winston, Jul 19, 2004
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