Playing Doom 3 and this!!! HELP!!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Gerry Wolf, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. Gerry Wolf

    Gerry Wolf Guest

    Ok, I'm totally blown away by this one. I was playing Doom 3 on my machine
    (FIC AU13 board with a AMD XP3200 processor, 512mb, nVidia FX5200 card
    running Win XP home SP2, with a master slave hard drive combo using two 160
    GB WD drives) when I left it on to go eat. When I returned, the system had
    froze. I then restarted it and I received that message. I went to the
    Microsoft site and followed the directions to replace the ntldr file, but
    nothing would work.

    Next, I pulled out the main drive and put the slave in as a stand alone
    drive. Yes, I pulled the jumper. The problem now is when I want to install
    Win XP via booting from the CD, it's painfully slow and when it finally runs
    setup, it tells me there is no drive detected on the system. The drive is
    formatted to FAT32 and obviously used as a slave! Also, the BIOS picks it up
    without a problem.

    Any ideas on what the hell is going on? All this from playing freaking
    Doom3??? I should sue Avtivision!

    Please, any help would be is the initial error message
    and the one that shows up when attempting to boot:

    TRAP 00000006 exception TR=0028 cr0=0000000011, cr2=00000000, cr3=000000000
    GDT limit=03ff base=00017000 idt limit=07ff base=00017400
    CS:eip=0008:08000000 ss:esp=0010:00061fec errcode=0000 flags=000100012 nocy
    nozr intdis down trapdis eax=0000110c ebx0003001d5 ecx=00001660 cdx=534d0030
    ds-0010 es=0010 edi=00350000 exi=00051db6 ebp=00061ff0 cr0=00000011 fs=0030

    One other thing, ?I booted from the WD diagnostic and setup CD and was told
    that the C: drive was not formatted? How the hell???

    Please, please...I'm at a total loss. Like I said, I tried to use the slave
    as a main, but although there was room on the drive, does it really need to
    be formatted? It is formatted to FAT32...

    Gerry Wolf
    Gerry Wolf, Sep 24, 2005
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  2. Gerry Wolf

    bigjon Guest

    Gerry Wolf decided to add:
    best bet is to try this :
    bigjon, Sep 24, 2005
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