Planning to clear MCSD.Net

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by aliFiroz, Sep 16, 2003.

  1. aliFiroz

    aliFiroz Guest

    Hello everyone! Can someone guide me to clear 70-305/306/300 & 70-229.
    Your invaluable guidance will be highly appreciated.

    Frankly, with no source of information and at present working in Abu
    Dhabi i've almost no source of info for this. I'm planning for vacation
    in near future and would like to clear MCSD.Net in that time.
    aliFiroz, Sep 16, 2003
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  2. aliFiroz

    Kline Sphere Guest

    Frankly, with no source of information

    What's wrong with the product documentation and the prep guide??
    Kline Sphere, Sep 16, 2003
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  3. aliFiroz

    Rich Guest

    There is no product documentation for 70-300 because there
    is no single product that the test covers. The test
    involves Design, Requirements Analysis, and
    (supposedly) .NET Architecture. Also, the Microsoft Prep
    Guide is nearly fact I wish I had not
    devoted so much time to reading it, and the other books on
    UML referred to in the study guide.

    I passed this test about a month's what I would
    do if I had it to take all over again: Get the Exam Cram
    book for 70-300. Read it thoroughly. It covers a wide
    range of topics ranging from design and analysis
    techniques to deployment strategies to standards to
    security.authentication. It's a whole kettle of fish.
    Then, if there's any topics you do not feel you know very,
    very MSDN articles - and whatever else you can
    get a hold of - on those specific topics.

    One caveat: I noticed a few details in terms of the
    Microsoft Solutions Framework, where the Exam Cram book
    didn't completly agree with the MSDN stuff....things like
    what types of deliverables or milestones are involved in
    which project phases, etc. Obviously, you want to go with
    the MSDN version for anything that comes up on the test.

    Good Luck!
    Rich, Sep 16, 2003
  4. aliFiroz

    Kline Sphere Guest

    I passed this test about a month's what I would
    The 70-300 'should' be simple for anyone who works in software
    development within a microsoft dot net environment. The case studies
    contain the answers within, and can be deduced by anyone who has ever
    sat down and asked a customer/client 'what do you want?' and took the
    results, refined them and produced design from the information
    gathered. The other questions relating to dot net simple require a
    [fairly] basic understanding of a number of the tools, technologies
    etc within dot net, windows & vs environment.
    People seem to put to much emphasize on the msf. The msf is
    microsoft's own process model based around the spiral model and should
    not be seen as a 'one size fits all' model. In the real world
    companies would develop there own process models which would be used
    depending on the type and nature of the problem to be solved.
    Kline Sphere, Sep 16, 2003
  5. aliFiroz

    aliFiroz Guest

    Thanks for your invaluable tips and guidance Rich and others. Can u
    tell me the approach/books/study materials for other exams namely 70-
    305,306 and 229.

    I'm working for last 5 years with VB/COM etc, this .Net has again
    uprooted me. Although good grip of OOPs and Java basics I'm finding
    VB.Net much easier and systematic.

    Thanks in advance.


    Originally posted by Rich
    aliFiroz, Sep 17, 2003
  6. aliFiroz

    Sarang Guest


    I would suggest the official curriculam for the rest of
    the exams other than 70300. Also, refer to code snippets
    and architecture documents on MSDN.

    70300 i beleive is a piece of cake. I am thinking that MS
    exams are getting more and more predictive day by day. It
    feels like its a Marketing strategy by MS where only
    things that refer to MS technologies are correct rest
    everything is wrong!!
    Sarang, Sep 17, 2003
  7. aliFiroz

    aliFiroz Guest

    Thanks everybody here.

    I'hv started with downloading and reading materials from different
    websites. All these reading uptil I come across any book(s) which is a
    complete reference for the said courses.

    aliFiroz, Sep 18, 2003
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