PIX DMZ and multi-cast traffic

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Ned, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Ned

    Ned Guest

    Hello all

    I am in the process of installing a new video surveillance system that
    requires multi-cast support on our network so multiple users can view
    the video stream generated by the cameras. The cameras will be
    connected to a switch, the switch connects to a DMZ card on the PIX,
    and the PIX connects to our LAN and the Internet. I want the cameras
    on the DMZ because they will also be viewed over the Internet. Actual
    video traffic will not go over the DMZ unless someone on the LAN is
    viewing the video. Instead, it will be archived on a server behind the
    DMZ. Anyway, can anyone see a problem with this configuration or offer
    advice on improving it? I am concerned with support for multicast on
    the PIX and through the DMZ.

    I created a simple diagram to illustrate what I am doing.

    Ned, Dec 17, 2004
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