pix 506e: PDM -> "policy NAT" error problem

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by dgr7, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    We have at my office a Cisco PIX 506e and until recently I haven't had to do only limited telnet-access maintenance. My supervisor now wants me to go through a browser and the PDM and pull Attack reports, make configuration changes, etc. I've run into a problem when logging into the unit to get to the java applet PDM. After a few moments the Cisco PIX Device Manager 3.0 window will appear (I had to go in my browser's advanced settings and deselect the Use JRE check box so the internal IE Java would be used BTW or it would never get as far as the smaller Java window appearing), then a smaller Java window appears where it was loading the current configuration from the firewall, then after another few moments the below Error window appeared talking about a Unsupported Command Found...PDM doesn't support "policy NAT" commands in your config...etc. etc. Then the IE "encountered a problem" window appeared and the whole web browser & Java window crash shortly thereafter.
    It sounds like from reading what was in the UCF error window that I have to telnet to the PIX and type in some commands to fix this "policy NAT" issue.
    What commands do I type or is there some other way to fix thus Unsupported Command Found issue so I will have have full access to the PDM and be able to make configuration changes?
    dgr7, Sep 6, 2007
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