pitch conversion/sample rate issue, not only in voice over ip

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Sven Holm, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Sven Holm

    Sven Holm Guest


    (System: Windows 2000 Professional, SP4, onboard VIA ac97 sound)

    First of all, please, perhaps have a look at my repeatedly written
    articles "voice chat under win2k: voice pitch wrong, deep voice". I can
    formulate my original voice chat issue from a different aspect now!

    Let's recapitulate:
    I asked you why every single voice over ip (voice chat, internet
    telephony) program doesn't work all right under windows 2000 (programs
    like "speakfreely", "netmeeting", "teamspeak"...), while ON THE SAME
    COMPUTER(HARDWARE) everything is o.k. under Windows XP and under Linux.
    The problem being a deep, low pitched voice (roaring like a lion) that
    is much too slow. Others hear me this way, and local tests (loopback
    test) also echo back such a slow voice to me - the same goes for doing
    "echo server test" via the internet. But I myself hear others all right!

    So it can't be a hardware issue (see: XP and Linux with the same
    hardware, and with the same software settings), must/may be a registry
    or codecs (or what else?) issue...

    *******Now to my recent "discovery":*******
    While obviously (except voice chat) everything sound related works
    perfectly under windows 2000, there is something else that I found not
    to work all right: "sound recorder" = sndrec32.exe

    I can only record my voice with sndrec32 when chosing the highest
    quality setting of "cd quality" (44100 kHz, 16 bit, stereo). When with
    this setting I record my voice and then do a playback, my voice sounds
    fine (normal speed, pitch).

    Any other (lower quality) setting (like the default "radio quality",
    22050 kHz, 8 bit, mono) has this effect: When I record my voice and do a
    playback, pitch and speed are too slow, my voice sounds slow and deep
    (just like my voice chat issue, see above).

    Under Windows XP it doesn't matter what quality setting I have activated
    in sndrec32, whatever, my voice is recorded and played back in a totally
    normal way (pitch, speed), like it should be!

    Somehow my OS windows 2000 lacks (started to lack) the ability to do a
    pitch conversion when recording at a lower sample rate than "cd quality"
    (44100 kHz, 16 bit, stereo).

    Some tests I did:
    Recording my voice (with sndrec32) under windows 2000 and saving the
    a) when recorded with 44100 kHz under windows 2000, the playback is
    normal under windows 2000 and under XP
    b) when converting this 44100 kHz sample rate file under ***XP*** (to
    22050 or 11000 kHz) pitch and speed of my voice are corrected and stay
    normal (not too slow), when played back under XP (but also when played
    back under windows 2000!)
    c) when recording with 22050 kHz under ***windows 2000***, playback is
    too slow (like I already explained) - playing back this same file under
    XP gives me a too slow speed/low pitch issue under XP, as well!
    d) when recording with 20050 kHz under windows 2000 and then converting
    the file to a sample rate of 44100 kHz, playback stays wrong,
    nevertheless! Low pitched and slow (also when played back under XP)

    To the experts who had the patience to follow these findings and tests:
    Doesn't this mean that somehow windows 2000 lost its ability for pitch
    adaptation to sample rate changes/conversions?

    So what codec problem or registry setting could be held responsible
    here? (I already had uninstalled all codecs and re-installed from
    scratch, in safe mode, no luck...)

    I hope, some of you now understand better my voip/pitch issue under
    windows 2000.

    I only ask this as an ultimate grasp for a straw before I am forced to
    reinstall windows 2000. :-(
    By the way, don't think I am crazy to bother with this problem for so
    long a time now in the newsgroup, but I am curious, too, would like to
    know where the issue comes from, ;-)

    thanks for your help
    Sven Holm, Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Perhaps it would help to:
    a) read the answers people post and respond to them
    b) keep everything in the same thread in stead of starting new ones all
    the time.

    Arnold Ligtvoet, Sep 13, 2003
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  3. Sven Holm

    Sven Holm Guest

    I read your previous reply, yes, as well as the few answers of other
    people. But as to your suggestions, there is no sound modifier
    installed, and yes, I also installed codecs from the original cd again.

    So really, I read your reply.

    Since the topic has changed, from being a mere voip question to being a
    general pitch conversion issue. Moreover the existing threads seemed
    more or less dead. So starting a new thread gets more attention, simple
    as that.

    Like I said, my sndrec32 (and my whole system) doesn't (for whatever
    reason) seem to be able to adapt pitch to a change in sample rates. I
    suppose, this has something to do with "ms pcm conversion" (or am I
    completely wrong here?)...

    Perhaps, someone knows more about this problem of a failure in pitch
    adaptation to sample rate changes, which affects not only my voip
    programs, but everything sample rate related...

    thanks to all who answered and to those who will hopefully answer to
    this slightly changed topic
    Sven Holm, Sep 13, 2003
  4. Sven Holm

    Sven Holm Guest

    Problem is solved! :)
    those who are interested, look in alt.os.windows2000,

    Sven Holm, Sep 14, 2003
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