Ping suppressed by Router

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Stefan Wowereit, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    given is a network with a Draytek 2600 as router and DHCP Server. My
    notebook is in that network and some other devices too.
    My boss said, I can not ping to any other device, because the router
    supresses pings in that network by the DHCP Server. He says, that every
    ping goes to the router, asks the DHCP Server where is the device with
    that IP and is stopped there.
    I think that is a bit stupid.

    I hope you understand, what I mean.
    Stefan Wowereit, Oct 10, 2013
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  2. Stefan Wowereit

    Char Jackson Guest

    Yes, it's wrong. Ping requests typically begin by sending an ARP request,
    unless the destination MAC is already cached. ARP requests are broadcasts,
    so every computer on the local network sees them. Once the destination MAC
    is known, ping goes 'direct' to the target, not via a router or DHCP server.

    Char Jackson, Oct 14, 2013
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  3. Hello,

    Thanks for the answer and the information. I should have known this, but not thought about it. (Hope this is right
    english, I'm not so good in it)
    Stefan Wowereit, Oct 15, 2013
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