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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Victor Healey, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. They are now giving the new Verizon LG VX6000 color photo phone away for
    FREE in the Atlanta GA marketing area with a new two year contract this
    week. I switched from Sprint which has reasonable service to Verizon which
    has great service two weeks too soon after my old 6035 Sprint phone was
    stolen and it cost me $100. Bummer!

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    Just for the fun of it I created a LG VX6000 email reflector on Yahoo Groups
    the other day.
    An existing Yahoo group mentioning the VX6000 is run by someone with out a
    clue in how to deal with people while running an email list. IMHO the VX6K
    is too neat to be spoiled anyone with personality problems! BTW VX6K at
    yahoo is setup to nail spammers as most of us consider them scum also.

    Some of you may know me by my handle 4phun and the various 4phun lists over
    the years. This is another project to help others just 4phun! If you have
    been a member of a previous 4phun list send me a note using this address
    . You get to go to the 'head of the class' ;>)

    Others may have to wait as there is a limit on how many new addresses may be
    added on any given day at Yahoo now. New Yahoo membership accounts are still
    FREE as long as you read each Yahoo screen carefully and avoid any option
    that may cost money. With any Yahoo account you may join an unlimited number
    of email groups. Be sure to set up a new account with both your Verizon PCS
    email address and a regular PC based address. There is a trick to use both
    (actually up to five addresses may be used) when you join a Yahoo email
    group. For now have any Yahoo group you are a member of send email to
    anything but to your phone unless you know what you are doing or have deep
    pockets! We will get into why later. You may even grab a new web based Yahoo
    email address if you haven't done so already. That will come in handy as we
    shall see in future tips.

    The new group is simply , the reason for such a short
    name is that it is a bear to have to type into the VX6K any text such as an
    address when you are in a hurry. Off course if you add it to your contacts
    list in the phone all you have to do is point and click to send your photo
    on its way.

    If any of this interests you or if you would just like to have a place to
    share some of you candid phone photos 'just for fun' then send an email to:

    BTW another group I belong too is , this small
    group shows one use for small phone or web photos in sharing information
    among peers. You may like to check it out also.

    The purpose of that group is to provide a vehicle to exchange VX6000 photos
    with just one click address. It can also serve as a platform to exchange
    news on photosharing on Verizon as well as tips about the VX6K. As I get
    around to it I plan to add detailed instructions in the files area for
    'newbie's on the quirks of the VX6K. This group is more of a test bed to
    give you ideas of how to create your own private or public email list to
    distribute your digital photos.

    Anyone, even Sprint users, can take the idea of what I have done and do it
    for themselves to share photos with friends and family or other associates.
    Yahoo gives you 30 MB to store photos if you set up your group correctly as
    one for sharing digital photos and also 20 MB more for more files or more
    photos to make a total of 50 MB online storage for free. Yahoo does not
    store photos from routine email messages anymore so if you do not set your
    settings to receive individual messages you will never see the photos in
    your email messages. VX6K at Yahoo sends photos back as attachments. More on
    setting up your own photogroup later.

    Maybe a web BLOG for photos may suit your needs better? As a group we will
    discuss how to set them up also.

    To reach me privately if you have difficulty in joining or using Yahoogroups
    please send an email to

    List owner:

    I will be right busy with more important matters through the end of the year
    so please bear with me and allow me time in getting back to you. Remember
    this is all just 4PHUN.

    Victor Healey, Nov 26, 2003
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