Photo Recovery Software I have tried, and what works!

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pat, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. Pat

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    I have a Canon G2 digital camera. After I returned from a trip with a
    compact flash 128 MB card reader that my computer wouldn't read (Win XP, 256
    MB RAM, Intel Pentium Four 2.4 GB CPU), I asked on the news group about
    photo recovery software. Several people sent ideas, and I downloaded these
    programs and tried them out: PC Inspector File Recovery, Zero Assumption
    Digital Image Recovery and Photo Rescue.

    The winner is Photo Rescue. It was the ONLY software of the three that
    recovered all images. PC Inspector recovered about 3/4 of the files, but
    some of them were only half images (the bottom half was just flat gray).
    Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery could not even find the Compact Flash
    card in the Siig card reader (actually, it couldn't even find the Siig card
    reader). Photo Rescue not only found the .jpg images, but it found all of
    the .avi files and recovered them. PC Inspector couldn't recover 2 of the
    ..avi files.

    So, I went to Photo Rescue's site and spent the $29 to get the full program.
    I was able to recovery everything from the CF card and save it to another
    folder. This was a harrowing learning experience as I was sure my files
    were long gone. Thanks to all who recommended the software I tested. I have
    backup methods for other problems, and now I have a backup method for
    recovering my treasured photo files, too.

    Pat in TX
    Pat, Oct 14, 2003
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