Photo Database Program for Kodak dx4330

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Andrew V. Romero, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. I currently have a Kodak EasyShare dx4330 and primarily use the Kodak
    EasyShare software to view all the pictures. I am a fairly advanced
    computer user and am looking for another database program which allows
    me to do some of the following functions which my version of the
    easyshare software does not do.

    1) Back Up Photos- I would like the program to have a backup function
    where I can say back up and it will copy all the pictures onto a few
    CDs, and then in the future if I back it up, it will only copy the files
    it doesn't have yet or ones that have changed since the last back up.
    This is biggest concern, I have been using just windows explorer to back
    up the directories that my pictures are in, but this is hard because I
    sometimes go back and edit old pictures, so then I have to remember to
    go back and copy the pictures in that directory. I also have to
    remember which directories still need backed up.

    2) Rename pictures- it would be nice to be able to rename the pictures
    in the program. This process is difficult thus I don't do it in the
    easyshare system.

    3) Click and Drag- Allow you to click on multiple pictures then drag
    them to another program.

    4) View QuickTime movies which reviewing the pictures- My version of
    the easyshare software allows you to do a slide show of the pictures,
    but it skips over the quicktime movies that are can be recorded by the
    camera. So then after reviewing the pictures, you have to go back and
    find the movies and play them. This works, but you sort of lose the
    whole sequence of things. Let's say "picture 6" is a movie, it would be
    great if while reviewing the pictures, if after picture 5 is displayed
    then the movie file would load and play instead of skipping to the next
    real picture and later going back to play the movie files.

    Any ideas on programs that can do these things or do the newer versions
    of the easyshare system do these things? I currently have version

    Andrew V. Romero
    Andrew V. Romero, Aug 21, 2003
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