Phoenix bios update 14 how fussy?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by dsr, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. dsr

    dsr Guest

    I have a GVC DR736 motherboard running Phoenix version 6.0.2w. After
    hunting around for a bios upgrade it appears this motherboard is an
    orphan :(. I need advise from someone who has hacked bioses.

    I did find some bios upgrades for other boards with the same chipset
    440BX. Problem is the manufacturers play around with different
    onboard options like sound and video. I am running onboard 8 meg
    matrox and vortex sound chipsets.

    How close do boards have to match to use the same bios upgrade? Do
    the onboard video and audio chipsets have to match exactly or is the
    requirement only that the boards have onboard audio and video and
    nothing else matters?

    I have a 2 meg 256K bios chip that I can put in recovery mode and load
    with a number of different bioses. I am leaning towards the Intel
    RCBIOS14.exe update currently since I was able to match up AGP and
    power management controllers.

    Some people apparently have switched bios manufacturers to get their
    boards updated. Are Award bioses less fussy than Phoenix bioses for
    compatibility issues when replacing Phoenix?

    What is the best freeware utility to back up my current bios to
    floppy? The Intel Iflash utility looks like a one way program.

    Sorry to sound like such a wooose but my case is a little non standard
    so if I screw this up I won't be able to replace the motherboard. I
    searched all 114 pages of my user manual and could not find a
    reference to bios chip being removable however the bios identifier
    utility I ran said the chip was socketed.

    Any new clues would be appreciated!
    dsr, Dec 4, 2003
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  2. dsr

    Thor Guest

    The bios really should be written for that board. Although by some stroke of
    luck, you might get another BIOS to work (and I use that term loosely) if
    the components are similar enough, it's something I wouldn't bother trying
    unless you are fully prepared to have a dead board on your hands in the
    process. The fact that you have onboard video and sound would seem to make
    the chances of having a BIOS written for another (non-identical) board work
    in this one, rather slim. There are services that will sell you a BIOS
    update for a board that is no longer supported, but the BIOS is still
    written to support that board's features. I think you need to evaluate just
    how badly you really need a BIOS update. You never specified as to why you
    want to update in the first place. Are you sure that it will solve your
    problem? Do you even have a problem with the board as-is?

    Thor, Dec 4, 2003
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  3. dsr

    dsr Guest

    This board came in a Sony Digital studio package and is set up for
    audio/video applications.

    Bought a new hard drive that is capable of 60 megs a second for
    streaming but the on board controller maxes out early. When I tried
    installing a faster PCI controller card I started getting bios
    messages after the controller scanned the card and identified the
    drive but before the system would boot.

    Also I am stuck with a PII 350 currently and would like to upgrade the
    slot1 processor to get around the slow L2 cache problem. I have a 100
    mhz memory and a limited power supply wattage so I realize I gotta
    know my limits. I still think it would be worth the effort to upgrade
    the bios though. You are probably correct I should print off the bios
    info and 800 number in case I have to wait a couple days for a bios

    What I am concerned about is that the new bios won't recognize the
    onboard matrox G200 video and I won't be able to see the pages in
    setup to disable onboard video and put in a new graphics daughter
    dsr, Dec 4, 2003
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