Philips DVP642 DivX-DVD player

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Daniel, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Does anyone who has this player know of a way to fast forward DivX or MPEG4
    video by jumping to a specific time (or jumping by a specific time count
    such as +60 seconds or jump to 3 minutes 28 seconds into video by entering
    3:28 or something like that?)?

    Also has anyone figured out any special tricks or features not documented in
    the manual?

    Other than that, I REALLY like this model & do recommend it. I noticed it
    can play the "ShadowRealm" (SmR) video codec (they have their own version of
    the MPEG4 compression that is apparently close enough to the standard for
    this to play).

    I'm talking about things that are with it automatically, no
    custom/warranty-voiding stuff (unofficial firmware upgrades or hacks/mods).
    Daniel, Sep 19, 2004
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  2. Daniel

    Brian Kraft Guest

    Press DISPLAY button on remote, enter time with number buttons:
    TIME: 00:03:28
    Press OK button within 5 seconds

    If you press the DISPLAY button and you get the hand icon in the upper
    left corner instead of the line that displays TIME: 00:00:00 then you
    can try to re-initialize the disk by opening and closing the tray.

    Some DivX files don't seem to have navigation in them (FF, FR, jump).
    I've tried to use tools such as DivFix to rebuild the seek indexes in
    these files, but none of the programs I tried worked to do this.
    There are some forums where people have discovered such things.

    You can open and close the tray using the remote by holding down the
    STOP button.

    If the playback of a certain XviD is very pixel-ly with weird colors,
    then try pressing the SYSTEM button twice; sometimes that helps.
    If you're playing DVD's and you're outputting progressive scan video,
    note that there's a serious defect with some units in that the
    progressive scan output won't stay through turning the player off and
    back on, even though the system menu shows that it is still on. To be
    sure you're outputting progressive scan video, you have to turn the
    menu setting off and then back on every time you turn on the player.
    Brian Kraft, Sep 20, 2004
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  3. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    So you're saying the DISPLAY & then the TIME: _ _ : _ _ : _ _ is when I can
    enter a time to jump to (do I have to enter hr min sec as in to get to the 3
    minute 28 second time enter 000328?). But if I get the hand icon then that
    means that video didn't work/doesn't support? So it's pretty hit & miss on
    many videos? I can brag to my girlfriend that my DVD player remote ALSO has
    an eject button (hers has an actual button). Now if only to figure out how
    to not only eject, but remove the disk, flip through the pages of my two 208
    CD binders, put that disk up, & then remove the other disk I want, insert
    that, & close the drive door (does holding stop close as well as open?...or
    would it be holding play?...not where I can test this at moment), all this
    using the (or a) remote. Too bad I dont know anyone who works in robotics
    engineering as I know this would be possible (the robot would short range RF
    boradcast back to the TV so I can watch what it's seeing). Yes I know this
    is ALLOT of trouble to go through to get this easy task accomplished, but it
    sure would be some fun too..
    Why is that? Is that just because of problems with reading XviD? I've not
    installed the XviD codec on my systems ever since myself & others I'd talked
    to had problems with various video playback after installing it. Seems that
    XviD is still in it's early/buggy/beta stages (or has it GREATLY improved
    since last I looked at it)?
    Additional note here: I tested an SmR encoded video last night & it didn't
    play while others did. I'll have to recheck which codec the others were,
    but they were all done by the ShadowRealm group, using their coded (as far
    as I know) & a video analyzing program I got (freeware utility to scan all
    AVIs & tell their codecs & other stats) says that one (that didnt play) was
    "MS MPEG4 STANDARD" while all others by that group I've checked are "MS
    MPEG4 V3" & those work. What's the difference?

    OK, will remember this then. Is manufacturer replacing this or is it a
    software flaw (fixable in next software update)?

    Anyways, thanks for the info. I'm just glad I don't have to sit in the same
    room as a 21" monitor, 19" monitor, AMD Thunderbird 1.2 GHz & AMD AthlonXP
    2200 during the summer & instead can sit in the same room as a ceiling fan &
    box fan in the window with my 22" TV & DVD player. (though the running the 4
    case fans tied together & propped on my desk does work...also the rabbit
    likes her own 80mm case fan wired to the top corner of her cage, even though
    it's generally cool in that room old 300W power supply with a
    burned out PS-Case fan is still useful for some things.)
    Daniel, Sep 20, 2004
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