Petition US Congress & Senate - STOP ALL SPAM - via Private Postal Mail, Home and Cell Phones, EMai

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Caring U.S. Citizen, Jun 4, 2004.


    To: U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate
    To all U.S. Congressmen and Women and all U.S. Senators,
    Please pass legislation to keep all commercial solicitation (SPAM) out
    of our telephones, email, private postal mail and fax machines.
    Force all lists to be verified that people want to be included on
    commercial solicitation to each of these private paths into our lives.

    No more commercial solicitation via:
    1. Email (most commonly known as "SPAM")
    2. Private residential postal mail and P.O. Box mail (most commonly
    know as "JUNK MAIL" that is sent to "RESIDENT", "CURRENT RESIDENT" or
    3. Telephones (including home and cell phones) (most commonly referred
    to as "TELEMARKETING")
    4. Fax Machines (most commonly referred to as "COMMERCIAL FAX

    All of the people that sign this petition agree that there is a need
    to stop the commercial exploitation of our private lives. We do not
    want to have anymore of this type of information invade our private
    lives. We are subjected to too much commercial advertising via radio,
    television, the internet and sign advertising in too many aspects of
    our lives and want the commercial invasion of our private
    communications stopped now.
    Please take action to rectify this as it affects every American
    including you and it can be stopped.
    All companies that partake of this type of commercial solicitation
    need to be held accountable for this invasion of our privacy. The
    Rright to Freedom of Speech is a great thing, but we should also have
    our privacy protected at the same time.

    Caring U.S. Citizen, Jun 4, 2004
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  2. Caring U.S. Citizen

    SgtMinor Guest

    The people of the United States have lost many of their liberties during
    the past few years. This petition seeks to further curb their freedom,
    in this case, the freedom of speech.

    I don't like any of the four problems referred to in this petition, but
    my solution is not to read SPAM, throw junkmail in in the recycle bin,
    hang up on telemarketers, and turn off my fax equipment. Technologies
    or methods exist already to deal with this clutter.

    If commercial messages really piss you off, you could work to make them
    less effective. Buy only unadvertised products from companies you've
    never heard of.
    SgtMinor, Jun 4, 2004
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