Pentax T30. Just one more example of why P&S is now a backwater

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Rich, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Rich

    Rich Guest

    And why DSLRs are dominating serious photography.
    1. Crappy little 1/2.5 sensor.
    2. Too many (7 meg) pixels crammed into the sensor.
    3. a FAKE, PHONY image stabilization "program" that just raises ISO.
    4. A completely unrealistic ISO 3200 mode that should either look like
    an impressionist painting or coloured golf balls make up the image.

    Whatever a happened to P&S cameras with:
    1. Good quality 2/3rds sensors?
    2. HIGH quality lenses?
    3. Realistic ISO speed maximums?

    These new cloned silver boxes are a plague, only one small step up from
    cell phone cams.
    Rich, Jan 24, 2007
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  2. Rich

    Guest Guest

    You can still get a great P&S that takes quality photos, u just have to
    make sure its a FujiFilm FinePix brand on it...F30 for instance.

    Anyway even the crappo brands take photos that will suit 99% of the
    population, not ever one wants or needs studio quality, or wants a big
    huge heavy SLR to carry around.

    If your really concerned the new Sigma DP1 P&S would suit you.


    Guest, Jan 24, 2007
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  3. Rich

    JohnR66 Guest

    I remember wondering years ago, how far will digital cameras go. Now it
    seems, in the point and shoot markets at least, they've gone right over the
    hill. There are very few desirable models left. The feature set has
    improved, but in their greedy interest of selling more cameras, the
    manufacturers started packing pixels on yet smaller sensors to please the
    unaware camera buying crowd.

    Ha Ha! You thought a 1/2.5" sensor was small? Canon just announced 1/3", 6mp

    I wonder what will happen to the dSLR market.

    JohnR66, Jan 24, 2007
  4. I'm sure you can still get the Nikon 8400 and 8700 should you wish - but
    you're not actually interested are you? Just another troll, eh?
    David J Taylor, Jan 24, 2007
  5. Rich

    SimonLW Guest

    Actually they are 5mp, but still the most densely packed CCDs in a digicam.
    SimonLW, Jan 24, 2007
  6. Rich

    Roy G Guest


    You do not have to go out and buy the highest Mp rated Camera available.

    If you know better than the Sheep, pick one which is still reasonable, 4 or
    5 Mp.

    The Sheep don't, and never have known anything, about photography or
    cameras, so the manufacturers take advantage of that.

    Roy G
    Roy G, Jan 24, 2007
  7. Rich

    Rich Guest

    If they ever release it. Rumours are it will cost as much as a Nikon
    Rich, Jan 24, 2007
  8. Rich

    Rich Guest

    In fact I HAVE and Olympus C-8080 and only lament the passing of good
    P&S cameras.
    If you don't like the message, put your head back in the sand.
    Rich, Jan 24, 2007
  9. Rich wrote:
    That's great - I haven't actually used that model, but I agree that the
    2/3-inch, 5MP cameras were, perhaps, the best compromise for the format

    David J Taylor, Jan 24, 2007
  10. Rich

    ASAAR Guest

    Just in case you were referring to the C-8080, it has considerably
    more pixels than 5mp. 60% more in fact, and it had a lens that
    justified its 8mp sensor. All of those that tested it liked it a
    great deal, except for one illuminous, curmudgeonly reviewer. :)
    ASAAR, Jan 24, 2007
  11. Rich

    Rich Guest

    The same one who took "2000" images with the Leica M8 and never noticed
    any problems with it.
    Rich, Jan 24, 2007
  12. No, I was referring to the Nikon Coolpix 5400 and 5700. It was a pity
    that that image stabilised long-zoom lens wasn't available until the Nikon
    8800, which has an 8MP sensor. I have the 8MP 8400 with its 24mm
    wide-angle, and I'm very pleased with it, but perhaps for my use 5MP would
    be enough - most of the time. The lens justifies 8MP, though.

    David J Taylor, Jan 25, 2007
  13. Rich

    John Turco Guest

    <edited, for brevity>

    Hello, K202:

    Ironically, however, Fuji is >the< prime example of a company, whose
    digicams employ:

    "3. a FAKE, PHONY image stabilization 'program' that just raises ISO."


    John Turco <>
    John Turco, Jan 27, 2007
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