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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Ablang, Apr 11, 2005.

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    Our Mission
    Peerflix's mission is to allow our members to get the most value out
    of the entertainment they own. Our immediate goal is to create a
    vibrant online community that enables individuals to truly leverage
    their personal collections, deriving maximum fun, enjoyment, and value
    from the DVDs that they already have at home.

    Unlimited entertainment at a great value: that's what Peerflix is all

    The Difference
    Leveraging a platform that is fast, easy-to-use and anonymous,
    Peerflix offers a better way to trade things online.

    Unlike other services, Peerflix does not keep merchandise in
    warehouses around the country. Instead, we facilitate our members
    trading directly with one another to enable a fast trading cycle and
    reduced costs. Rather than pair people in one-to-one swaps, our
    technology matches up products and people across the entire network,
    maximizing the number of possible trades and the speed at which they
    occur. For example, Joe can ship a DVD to Jane and receive a DVD from
    Jay all within hours or days of joining the community. And the
    connections go on and on, around the clock and across the country.

    Trading on the Peerflix network is easy. Each member builds their own
    "Have" list of DVDs that they are looking to trade, as well as a
    "Want" list of DVDs that they would like to receive. Members can
    quickly upload their DVD collection by entering either UPC codes or
    product titles. They can browse thousands of DVDs from our database
    and add them to their "Want" list with just one click.

    To balance the relative value of different items within the network,
    we use trading credits called "Peerbux". Every DVD has a Peerbux value
    assigned to it, based on network demand and retail price. When a
    member sends a DVD to another member, they earn Peerbux, which allows
    them in turn to receive merchandise of comparable value.

    Check out the difference with Peerflix with our risk-free trial. We're
    confident you'll love it!

    Our History

    Peerflix was founded in 2004 by Danny Robinson and Billy McNair. The
    two entrepreneurs had previously teamed up to launch Spinway, Inc., a
    pioneer provider of e-commerce and private-label ISP solutions for
    leading brick and mortar retailers. Spinway was acquired by, the ecommerce division of Kmart, in December 2000.

    Through word of mouth, we acquired our first few hundred members,
    which quickly grew to several thousand. Then, The New York Times wrote
    a solid recommendation of Peerflix, as did The Seattle Times, Video
    Store Magazine, and a number of other publications and blogs (for
    more, visit our In The News section). In less than a year, our
    community has experienced exponential growth with over 25,000 DVDs
    currently being requested for trade on the site.

    Today, we are focusing on providing an increasingly robust trading
    platform that will move us toward the fully functional non-beta
    release. Eventually, the service will evolve to add new trading
    categories beyond DVDs to the network. If you have ideas about
    categories you'd like to see on the site...let us know.

    Peerflix is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and has
    development offices in Vancouver, Canada.

    "This became a credo of mine... attempt the impossible in order to improve your work."
    -- Bette Davis
    Ablang, Apr 11, 2005
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