pc won't boot, "auto shut down"

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by elflan, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. elflan

    elflan Guest

    Compaq Presario 5000,
    192mb ram
    When I try to boot up, this sequence occurs; dos screen,p.o.s.t,win98
    screen,dos screen,and either "it is now safe to turn off your
    computer", or it auto shuts off.
    I have watched as the pc tries to read the hard drive,(I hear it), and
    at the same point each time in the sequence, it shuts down. It's not
    the switch

    I have tried putting this hard drive into my old win98 pc as a slave
    and I can not access it.
    I"ve tried 'scan reg" and tried to go to a "last good saved" in the
    registry but this fails.

    If I were to try to put a similar hard drive,( same jumper settings)
    that is loaded with Win98 OS, into this problem computer, can I do it?
    I also tried to run a Win98 Start up disk in the A: drive but it will
    not read it.

    I do not have the original restore disk for this pc and Compaq does not
    support any longer. (I called and can't even get a disk from them)
    I'd appreciate any suggestions.
    elflan, Jan 6, 2005
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  2. elflan

    Wanderer Guest

    Try removing the watch battery inside the PC. If you haven't ever done
    this it sounds hoaxy, but, the battery powers the BIOS which reads the
    Hard Drive and determines boot order of the drives. Your a: drive could
    be dead, or more likely a bad boot disk. The boot disk should interrupt
    the boot before the HDD in any case, so a new HDD shouldn't help unless
    the problem is in the BIOS. Battery removal and a boot disk proven on
    another PC. A good start.

    Best of luck, I think you got a bad boot disk.
    Wanderer, Jan 7, 2005
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  3. elflan

    elflan Guest

    Here's where things stand now;
    I took the "good hard drive" out of my good pc, and put it in the bad
    pc and it recognized the drive and booted up and gave me the desktop
    and started recognizing unknown hardware and began locating drivers
    for it etc,.

    This leads me to believe that her original hard drive is bad somehow. I
    plugged her "bad" HD into my good pc and this pc would not recognize
    the drive.
    (keeps giving me "invalid system disk" error.

    So here I am trying to decide if I should buy an inexpensive hard drive
    for her pc and load my copy of Win98 that came with my old GATEWAY PC.
    I have done this on another pc before and just need to brush up on the
    procedure but my question now is;
    What will I need to get her pc back to the condition it was in before
    these problems. Things like drivers,modem,printer drivers,other
    software etc.

    My girlfriend has ZERO backups or OEM software. I'm sure I'll need to
    get the modem to work and then get her ISP software loaded so I can get
    online and download drivers etc. Does anybody care to offer some advice
    on how to do all this correctly, like provide a link on this.
    I'm afraid I'm going get halfway into restoring everything and run into
    a dead end because I don't have the right disk or software.
    I will only have the Windows 98 disk from my own pc and the boot disk I
    make from it.
    elflan, Jan 7, 2005
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