PC-screen freezes - checkered green line in top of the screen

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by reply, Aug 2, 2003.

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    reply Guest

    Lately my screen freezes after sometime, not only when 'going to sleep, also if
    the monitor is not powered down.

    I am using Powerstrip and thought this to be the cause of all problems. So I
    used RamCleaner, another memory manager (main reason I use Powerstrip for). No,
    the problem remains.

    Everytime there is a CHECKERED green line (about 10 pixels high) in the screen:
    vertical stripes, in a black - sleep - screen.

    If memory management is not the problem, what could be the cause ?

    - driver for the screen ?
    - driver for the monitor ?
    - mousedriver ?
    - or even the memory manager ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer !
    reply, Aug 2, 2003
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    Paul - xxx Guest

    tried to scribble ...
    Personally I dislike 'memory managers' .. they have little benefit these
    days, and only add to the complexity of a computer setup. I would uninstall
    any or all of them you have and run memory manager free for a while, between
    re-boots and shut downs, to see if they're influencing the screen, though I
    doubt it.

    Odd lines on monitors most often suggest problems with the hardware of the
    monitor itself, or driver problems. Can you try another monitor on the
    computer, or the 'faulty' monitor on another computer ? You also mentioned
    the drivers, so have you updated all drivers recently ?

    This may also be a function of the powersave features .. Some computers, it
    seems, have poor implementations of these functions so they often don't work
    Paul - xxx, Aug 2, 2003
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