PC Random Shutdown

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thesupergnome, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Nov 7, 2006
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    I have had an issue with my PC Shutting down for a while now. When it shuts down i have to pull the power cord from the power supply let it sit for like 5 seconds till the lights go off on the mother board. After that i plug it back in fire it up and works like a champ until i put it under a hefty load again. What i mean by load is using windows movie maker to convert home videos and pictures to a movie file. OR when using DVDShrink. At first it seemed to shut down when the CPU hit and stayed at 60 degrees celcius i thought maybe it was overheating so i bought a fancy expensive heatsink with a nice fan. It seemed to shut down less often and the CPU TEMP was normally 50 degrees celcius. now it doesnt matter what temp its at it just shuts down. A few months back i did add another fan to the top of the case sucking the hot air out.

    Here is what im thinking the issue is you guys tell me if you agree or not. If you think its somthing else let me know :) I think it could possibly be a power supply issue maybe the PC is pulling to much power and shuts off?
    Its a 420W Thermaltake.

    Thanks in advance for anyhelp
    thesupergnome, Nov 7, 2006
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