PC Hardware Setup - Primary/Secondary Slave/Master

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by CLUCAS, Dec 21, 2005.


    CLUCAS Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I'm adding some new hardware to my PC and just wanted to know what the best
    setup would be.

    This is the setup:

    Main Hard drive to boot off, just for the OS and software
    Data hard drive for all MP3's, videos, photos and other data
    DVD RW for copying data to DVDs and watching movies
    CD RW....used now and again for reading and burning CD's

    I know the main OS hard drive needs to be on Primary master...but not sure
    on the rest of the HW for best performance.

    CLUCAS, Dec 21, 2005
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    tehball Guest

    This assumes all IDE devices

    First off, the OS does not have to be on Primary master. It can reside
    on a slave with no issues.

    DVD RW Primary Master
    OS Primary Slave
    CD RW Secondary Master
    Data Drive Secondary Slave

    Note: Some times using cable select jumpers does not work out so well.
    If you run into problems with devices being detected use the master
    slave jumpers instead. I would suggest configuring the Primary chain
    first. Boot and make sure in detects OK. Configure the Secondary chain

    Good luck
    tehball, Dec 21, 2005
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    Rod Speed Guest

    Doesnt actually have to be, but it does simplify things that way.
    You wouldnt be able to pick it in a proper double blind trial.

    Basically do what is easiest mechanically, and that usually
    means both of the hard drives on the 80 wire ribbon cable
    because they are both in the 3.5" drive bay stack and the
    optical drives on the other ribbon cable, basically because
    they are in the 5" drive bay stack. Doesnt really matter which
    is master and which is slave, so make the DVD drive master.
    Use an 80 wire ribbon cable for that too if its a decent modern
    DVD burner.
    Rod Speed, Dec 23, 2005

    Rod Speed Guest

    No point in that arrangement.
    Or that either.
    Gets sillier by the minute.
    Rod Speed, Dec 23, 2005
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    isitcomputing, Jan 6, 2006

    Julie Guest

    Julie, Jan 6, 2006

    Rod Speed Guest


    Doesnt have to be.
    Rod Speed, Jan 7, 2006
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