PC Card/PCMCIA adapter for CF memory cards with WinNT laptop

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Gibben, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Gibben

    Gibben Guest

    Here's how I actually got this to work!:

    When I last week got my first dig. camera (Canon A70), I was aware that
    USB connection was a no-go with Windows NT 4.0.
    But the PCMCIA slots (notebook/laptop Armada E500) was just begging for
    an adapter, right? I thought so and got one, but when inserted the
    Compact Flash did not show up as a (removable) drive as it was supposed

    Searching high and low told me this situation was well known for NT:
    /ErrMsg: "No Configuration Info ..." with PCMCIA/
    is very relevant, but as far as I can tell, the PCMCMD.exe mentioned in
    this solution is now incorporated as the PC-Card applet in Control Panel
    (correct?). And this applet did recognise that there was a card in the
    slot, but just showed it with a big red X.
    I found no suggestions but to buy the CardWizard® software or upgrading
    to e.g. XP, until:
    A "pro" told me that the PCMCIA slots were not supported by default, but
    the notebook manufacturer probably would have the necessary download...
    They did! At Compaq (now HP) I could get CardWare® 5.0 (for free), which
    I did NOT discover in my week-long search of the inter-/usenet. I sure
    had been to Compaq's website searching for PCMCIA but did not come
    across this fact.

    I installed it and it works like a charm! Just took the first 100 Mb (91
    files) off the card to my HD in 2 minutes, and it supports hot swapping.
    Although fewer people are using NT today, I hope this will help

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    FUT: comp.sys.laptop
    Gibben, Jul 11, 2003
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