PC always active on Router display

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Marge, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Marge

    PeeGee Guest

    Simple answers, I hope :)

    1. A NIC is either WOL *capable* (and uses 5vSBY) or not - in my case,
    one is and one is not. If you disable WOL in the BIOS, all you are doing
    is setting the system to ignore any WOL packets received - the interface
    still operates normally.

    2. Think of 5v standby (5vSBY) as an independent 5v PSU contained within
    the PCs PSU. It operates in the same way as a wallwart.

    3. Don't know why the socket is not released - it gives all the symptoms
    of a latching circuit. If the connection is "straight through", as you
    say, I would expect *all* WOL NICs to light the router light when the
    mains supply is on at the wall plug.

    4. The 5vSBY is there to allow the PC to be "woken up" without needing
    to press the switch on the front of the case. All that switch does is
    use the 5vSBY to trigger the full supply.


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