paths and where to "move" things?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Gwen Morse, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Gwen Morse

    Gwen Morse Guest

    I installed 1.4 over 1.2 under Linux (Redhat 9).

    I got all my preferences moved over, but, I don't have the 1.4 binary
    coming up when I type "Mozilla" from my home directory.

    The 1.2 mozilla was in /usr/bin.

    The 1.4 mozilla is in /usr/local/mozilla.

    I renamed the 1.2 mozilla mozilla.bak.

    But, when I type mozilla in my home directory, it just tells me it
    can't find that file. It will only run if if cd to /usr/local/mozilla
    and type ./mozilla.

    I tried copying the 1.4 mozilla to the /usr/bin directory, but, then
    it tells me it can't find some library files.

    It's _there_. 1.4 is all installed and it runs, it just doesn't come
    up from my home directory.

    What is the best way to fix this so that future installs will also go
    where they belong?

    Gwen Morse, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Gwen Morse

    Gwen Morse Guest

    Yes, I'm aware of that. However, Redhat is what we use at work. I've
    been considering alternate installs, anway.
    I wasn't able to get the RPMs from Netscape to install, previously. It
    turns out I had to forcibly uninstall the assorted parts of 1.2 using
    --nodeps, and 1.4 went in nicely.

    Thanks for the response.

    Gwen Morse, Jul 20, 2003
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  3. Gwen Morse

    S Brower Guest

    Do you recall what errors RPM gave you when your first attempt would not
    install? It sounds as if there may have been dependencies that were
    unresolved. As for the problems now, have you run:

    rpm -Vf /path/filename (ie rpm -Vi /bin/vi)

    or tried to verify the installed package against the original rpm to
    ensure that the install went OK by running:

    rpm -Vp foo-1.0-1.whatever.rpm

    Hope this helps,
    S Brower, Jul 24, 2003
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