Pasting between different size auto-wrappers?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by, May 25, 2012.

  1. Guest

    Since USEnet has been killed by blogs, you may not want to type into the
    blog-enter-frame like a superficial twitterer. You may want to compose a well
    thought out text, which you can PASTE later; even when the currently presented
    blog-enter-frame has disappeared. IE. you may want to be in control, and not
    just obey "fill in here".

    Pasting from a normal editor, where you have determined where the line-breaks
    occur, will likely mess the appearance of your text, if your chosen line length
    exceeds that of the browser.

    Also you may not want to be 'married to' any particular browser.
    So the line lengths must be able to auto-adjust.
    AFAICS the act-of-pasting automatically places a line-break according to the
    appearance of the paste-source. So you CAN'T achieve auto-line-wrap by
    avoiding pasting line-breaks.

    Do you see a solution to this problem.

    == TIA.
, May 25, 2012
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    Whiskers Guest

    What are you doing here, then? <grin>

    Use an editor that allows you to create a text file with no CR or LF
    (are there any that don't allow that?).
    Whiskers, May 26, 2012
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  3. Guest

    OK, I don't see why it took me so long to realise the imposibility
    of a solution via ANY editor. That's why I hate these common
    'herd' replies of "buy yourself a dingdong like ME and you're fixed'.

    I needed to realise the THEORETICAL answer that
    'because gpm pastes-what-it-sees' , if I see a line-break on the
    screen, gpm will paste that.

    Also I forgot that this is also a M$ forum, and their pasting isn't

    == Thanks.
, May 27, 2012

    Whiskers Guest

    Are you trying to say that you know only text editors that lack any
    user control of 'wrapping' or 'line length' and therefore do not
    believe my comment was meant in all seriousness?

    Which editor do you use?

    I don't think I've ever used a text editor that can't produce 'endless
    lines' or 'unwrapped paragraphs'; the command or setting to make it do
    that will of course depend on the program itself. I use "mcedit",
    which is part of the mc (Midnight Commander) file manager (but can be
    launched independently). I'm sure Vi and Emacs are equally capable,
    and any other editor designed for writing code for computer programs;
    it's a pretty fundamental requirement!
    Perhaps you should try copy/paste without the mouse. With mcedit, I'd
    have to 'save' the file to disc and then use the browser to open it,
    and use then Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v (or Shift-Insert).
    I wouldn't have thought of comp.os.linux.networking as having much to
    do with Microsoft!
    Whiskers, May 27, 2012
  5. Guest

    me too, mostly `mc` -> mcedit
    I use lynx & links and they can't 'import' to the <reply frame>.
    Now do I believe Mozilla, Opera can.

    http is a curse. I want Apartheid, where I don't have to be contaminated
    by the klik-kiddies.
    The thread originated on:
, May 31, 2012

    Whiskers Guest


    You're preaching to the choir, here! I achieve complete nirvana with
    respect to blogs-as-discussion-fora simply by not posting to them at
    all - I rarely read them either. I do use a few web fora if there's no
    alternative - but if there's a mailing list for the same discussions, I
    prefer that.
    Whiskers, May 31, 2012
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