Passed 70-649 : TS:Upgrading MCSE on Wndws Serv 2003 to Wndws Serv 2008

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Harvey Colwell, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. No congrats necessary.

    I just want to give my opinion about the exam experience. This was
    definitely the hardest certification exam that I have ever taken (my 44th).
    The exam was broken down into three sections, and only 55 questions total. I
    would have preferred 55 questions on each section. But I guess the results
    would have been the same. I actually did quite well on the exam, but my
    sore does not reflect how growling it was.

    70-640 - 22 Questions, Score 800
    70-642 - 14 Questions, Score 850
    70-643 - 19 Questions, Score 1000

    I imagine that the biggest obstacle was the lake of published study
    material. There are several test preparation guides in the works, but none
    of them are available for purchase yet. So I had to rely mainly on TechNet,
    sites such as IIS.NET, and my test lab (which I used Virtual PC this time).

    I did use SelfTest Software's practice exam. It had 270 questions and was an
    excellent tool for gauging your overall knowledge. But it was very little
    help on the actual exam. Or at least, it was very little help on the set of
    question that I got. I had many questions in many areas that just wasn't

    I had read that the exam was, and SelfTest Software's practice exam
    obviously was, heavily orientated toward the command line. It makes since
    that the exam would be that way, considering that Microsoft has been telling
    us for years that we should log in with a restricted account and launch our
    administrative tools using RUNAS and now that they have released "server
    core", a command line only version of windows. But my exam was heavy on GUI
    configurations. There were some command line questions, but no more than

    BTW: I do love the command line; I even use it when I don't have to. You
    name a tool, and I can launch it from the command line; EVENTVWR,
    etc, etc, etc. In fact I've used the command line for so long, that I had
    problems the other day showing a customer how to find the MANAGE NETWORK
    PASSWORDS dialog box through the GUI.

    I started studying in earnest at Thanksgiving. Originally I wanted to take
    the exam by the end of the year. But after getting into it, it was obvious
    that that wasn't going to happen. So I set a self-imposed deadline to get
    certified before the product was release. I just made it by a couple of

    Back to the exam itself; I've posted in the past about how many of Microsoft's
    exam questions were written so that you can't just know the answer, look
    down and see it in the list. You're forced to answer the question by first
    ruling out the other three answers. Then no matter how vaguely true the
    remaining answer is, since it the only one that is in any way true, it's the
    right answer.

    For example: The right answer may be true in certain situations, or it may
    be one step of a multiple step procedure. But since you've positively ruled
    out the other three answers, it the one you have to choose.

    I'm so relieved that this one is in the bag. I do plan on taking the
    Enterprise Administrator exam. But I'm waiting for a preparation guide
    before I start. I haven't decided if I'll upgrade my Plus Messaging or not.
    Harvey Colwell, Feb 18, 2008
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  2. Thanks for the info. Good stuff.

    Mostly Gizzards, Feb 19, 2008
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  3. Harvey Colwell

    Giday Guest

    Dear all,

    I have taken the 70-649 i failed but when I want to take the exam again .I
    can not register it is not allowed.So what shall I do to retake advise please

    Giday, Mar 30, 2008
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