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Discussion in 'MCITP' started by webster, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. webster

    webster Guest

    Passed the 646 exam today. 44 questions, passing score is 700 and you have
    just over 2 hrs to take the exam plus some survey time.

    From the Skills Measured matrix, this is what I had:
    Only had the first item

    Did not have the last item
    Had every one of those
    Did not have the last item
    Did not have indexing or printer publishing
    Did not have anything on Server Manager or ServerManagerCMD
    Had them all
    Only had the 1st and last items
    Had them all but had 6 questions on WSUS and making WSUS highly available.
    Just plain weird to have that many questions on WSUS on a 44 question exam.
    Did not have the last two items.
    Had it all.
    In one way or another had parts of al thrown in there.
    Yep, had it all.
    Had it all.
    Yeppers, all of it.
    Had it all.

    Now the usual question, what did I use for study materials?

    1. I
    would say 50% of the exam is in this one document.

    2. Had attended Jeremy Moskowitz's excellent GPO classes back in February.
    There was a LOT of stuff from his 2-day catch-up course for Vista/Server
    2008 that was on the exam along with his other very useful info on GPOs and
    GPO Mgmt. That was money very well spent. Highly recommended class:

    3. Attended the 3-day MS Partner prep class back in February and
    immediately took the MCSA and MCSE upgrade exams.

    4. It helped a great deal that I had just completed a little while ago a
    PKI Roadmap for a global corporation that has over 35,000 laptops. They
    were using PKI, Enterprise Root CA, prepping for roaming credentials, EFS,
    BitLocker, encrypted offline files, etc. All that was hit pretty hard on
    this exam. So lucky for me it was all still pretty fresh on my mind.

    Very good exam that covered a lot of material with just a bit too much WSUS
    for me. Taking the 647 exam Friday afternoon. Pray for me will you? :)


    webster, Apr 28, 2008
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  2. webster

    jazzmaster Guest

    Hi Webster,

    Just bought the study guide and booked my exam for 14th June. Just wondering
    if the content is sufficient to scale through, if not what additional reading
    would you recommend. What practice tests did you use.


    jazzmaster, May 8, 2008
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  3. webster

    webster Guest

    webster, May 9, 2008
  4. webster

    dhilip Guest

    This is DHILIP
    I had compleated the 70-646 exam on server 2008, my mcp id is "6295139" and
    also got a access code, but its not accepting for the registration, so
    kindely send me the access code

    thank you
    dhilip, Jun 23, 2008
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