Passed 70-218 & 70-219

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Preacher Man, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Preacher Man

    Preacher Man Guest

    Blessed again. Yesterday I passed the two exams. 70-218 scored 818 and
    70-219 scored 734. 218 was much easier than 219. The case study layout of
    the 219 exam was the most difficult part.

    Two more to go to get my MCSE/DBA. Can anyone tell me how difficult the
    228&229 tests are? Thanks,

    Preacher Man
    Preacher Man, Jun 1, 2005
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  2. Preacher Man

    Ogre Guest

    Congrats on the pass.

    Depends on your experience with SQL, if it is something you work with on
    a daily basis? 228 is a fair exam, not easy, but it is fairly reflective
    of the tasks of a DBA. 229 I found to be the more difficult of the two,
    but I can't T-SQL my way out of a paper bag.
    Ogre, Jun 1, 2005
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  3. Preacher Man

    Guest Guest

    Nice job, congrats!

    Monday I also passed 70-218, so I got my MCSA. Yesterday I decided to
    schedule 70-217 and 70-219, since MS extended the 2nd Shot campaign. How many
    questions/scenarios are there in the design exam? And how much time did you

    Thanks a bunch,

    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
  4. Preacher Man

    Preacher Man Guest

    The 219 is very gruesome (to me anyway). The allowed time is about 4 hours
    and their are only about 30 questions. That kind of gives you the
    complexity of the test. You have 4 case studies to review and examine and
    then answer a few questions on with an allotted time for each case study.
    The case studies were so long, I had a hard time remembering the points that
    I needed to. It seemed to help me a little to quickly review the questions
    (at most 10 per case study) and then read the case study through. Of course
    you will need to go back and skim across the case study again as you do the
    questions. If I were to rate the difficulty level I would give it an 8 or a
    9 compared to about a 5 or 6 for the 70-218.

    As far as the 217 goes I would give that about a 5. I found it to be much
    easier than the 219 and I think it has the same number of questions and time
    limit that the 218 has.

    It took me two times to pass the 219. I scored a 675 on the first round and
    734 on the passing round. The bad thing was that after I failed the first
    exam, I couldn't really think of any topics I needed to brush up on. I knew
    the facts but I fell off the wagon in the comprehension part of the mass of

    Hope this helps some. Also hope you pass both on first go.

    **Oh one last thing, on the 219 their were a few drag on drops and several
    multiple answer questions. I think on this one they give you partial credit
    for partially correct answers.

    Be Blessed.
    Preacher Man
    Preacher Man, Jun 1, 2005
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