Passed 70-216 on the first try!

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Miroslav Neksojevic, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. I was hesitating if I should glorify my "success" on this NG,
    and I decided to do so, because it might help to someone,
    who reads posts from different people saying that this exam
    is a beast (well, it is but if you study hard...).
    Let me first explain my background.
    I am B.Sc.Mech.Eng. with a great interest of networking.
    After I graduated and started to work in CAD enviroment
    on the big project (in my main branch) on the
    big network (more than 100 computers), sharing drawings,
    coordinating with different disciplines,automating production
    of drawings,scripting... I realised the advantages
    of networking and collaborative work.
    So I decided to dive in the another world different
    from mechanical engineering to widen my horizons.
    I enrolled with the New Horizons here on Malta
    and started MCSA course.
    I have read that the people are not recommending
    taking MOC but those people are probably experienced.
    My experience was highly positive and I can recommend it
    to anyone starting from the scratch.
    OK I have had more than five years experience working with
    computers,assembling them... and more than two years
    working on Win2000Pro in network environment.
    But I was not working with the server family.
    So for the purposes of learning I bought a laptop,
    set up a VMWare virtual network with one DC, one Win2000Pro and
    one Win2000Server and start practicing along with reading and
    learning from the MOC.
    After finishing 2151 and 2152 I passed 70-210 with the help
    of Measure-up test without any big problems because
    as I said I had worked with Win2000Pro for a long.
    70-216 was next (according to Microsoft this is the next exam
    you can go for after finishing 2153).
    A finished 2126 as well and I started to prepare for 70-216.
    After two months learning (every day from 20h-24h) and during some
    breaks on my job,from the MOC, help in Win2000Server and indispensable
    Measure-up test in Study mode (of course all the time practicing learned on
    my virtual network) I felt that I am ready to take it.
    I was a little bit sceptic because my network was not real world network
    with all the problems on it, but I was understanding all the concepts and
    trying them
    on and on.
    So, 60 lengthy questions, 195 min. (non-native English), mostly Routing and
    Remote Access,
    2 or 3 questions regarding certificates,IPSec,DNS,DHCP,WINS and some routing
    protocols and subletting.
    I was paying attention to every question straightaway, not leaving them for
    so I ended up with only 2 questions for review (5 min left).
    I must admit that I was very happy when I saw:
    I noticed that the layout of questions was different for some questions,
    and those questions were not so difficult.
    I regret that there was not score report.
    70-218 for three weeks and 70-215 for 6 weeks to finish my MCSA.
    After that either self-study for MCSE or more probably CCNA.

    Thanks to people from this NG which helped me a lot with well meaning
    Regards and good luck to all who learn the right way.


    P.S. Excuse me for this "short" post.
    Miroslav Neksojevic, Nov 13, 2003
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  2. Miroslav Neksojevic

    Bruce Guest


    Congratulations! The 70-218 will be a piece of cake. It is
    similar to the 70-216 but I think it is easier.

    certificates,IPSec,DNS,DHCP,WINS and some routing
    Bruce, Nov 13, 2003
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  3. Congratulations!

    I'm going for my first (and hopefully only) crack at 70-216 tomorrow...
    Vincent Raicovi, Nov 18, 2003
  4. Miroslav Neksojevic

    anonymous Guest


    Passed all MCSA/MCSE Core and Elective with in 3 weeks
    too totally 4 days (Each Day 2 Exam)on Single Attempt


    If you prepare 070-210 and 216 together more or less it is
    same subject with some additional server service, you can
    take exam on same day (Morning and Evening)

    If you prepare 070-216 and 218 together (Both are
    networking and some GP concept) more or less it is same
    can take exam on same day (Morning and Evening)

    If you prepare 070-216 and 219 together (Both are dealing
    with AD and GP) more or less it is same can take exam on
    same day (Morning and Evening)

    If you prepare 070-220 and 221 together (Both are dealing
    with Network Design and Security) more or less it is same
    can take exam on same day (Morning and Evening)

    All the best

    certificates,IPSec,DNS,DHCP,WINS and some routing
    anonymous, Nov 18, 2003
  5. Miroslav Neksojevic

    Paisleyskye Guest

    Congrats on the pass!
    Paisleyskye, Nov 19, 2003
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