Partition Magic and SATA

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Bibble Babble, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Hi, just got myself a Seagate 80gb SATA drive, the drive installed ok and I
    was able to install triple boot, for various historic reasons, NT4 ws, W2K
    pro and XP Pro ok.

    I left a 18gb partition next to the NT4 one to be used when I increased the
    NT4 partition (the stuff I install takes uses all available space on the
    initial 2gb NT4 install, sitting with only 100mb free space and still need
    to install more items)

    When I use Partition Magic to increase the NT4 parition everything looks ok
    and when I reboots it appears to be starting ok, gets the the XP screens,
    then PM's screens and batch processes kick in and appear to go ok.

    Once PM finishes and the system re-starts it gets to the BIOS info screens
    and freezes and goes no where.

    The only way around this is to put the duff IDE back in that the SATA is
    replacing install nt4 again on the IDE (only because it is the quickest
    install), delete all parititons on the SATA, create a new partition on the
    SATA and mark it as active, shut down and disconnect the IDE drive and
    re-start and boot from the NT4 cd and re-build and tada your back where you
    started from with a 2gb NT4 partition.

    Anyone have any ideas or pointers how to get the NT4 bigger than 2gb size.
    Bibble Babble, Jul 17, 2004
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  2. Bibble Babble

    why? Guest

    You won't for the system partition, maybe if you had a CD version with
    SP4 to boot from.

    My typical NT4 setup server or workstation.

    750MB DOS boot, FAT with NT CD / Service Pack / Drivers
    2GB NT OS only
    (don't setup any other partitions)
    Install minimum SP4 (you can jump from CD install to SP6a in 1 go). This
    then lets you create access other larger partitions.

    Next 2 partitions defined would be programs and data. If server perhaps
    on a 2nd disk spooler dtuff if it's a print server / proxy cache and so

    Possibly on a server move the swap file to a different physical disk as

    MS articles

    why?, Jul 17, 2004
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