Paper experiences with Epson C64/C84?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Ohaya, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    I'm considering the Epson C84, but I'm a bit confused about the
    situation with respect to "compatible" papers. I'd be very interested
    in hearing others' experience with this especially with respect to
    glossy prints.

    I understand that Epson has a new "Durabrite Glossy Print" paper, and
    would love to hear how well this works, but I'm also interested in
    experience with other papers re. glossy printing.

    Ohaya, Oct 8, 2003
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  2. Ohaya

    james Guest

    I have the Epson C84, and while it prints decent photos, using Epson papers
    or Kodak papers, it seems the images it prints are not as bright as previous
    Epson printers I've had using the same paper.
    I am told it is because of the Dura-Brite inks that it uses. I have
    recently been looking at the HP 7960
    ($299.00 ) that has 8 inks , including a cartrige that allow it to print
    some of the best Black & White photos I have ever seen on an inkjet printer.
    The prints I have seen from it in Black & White look as good as the pro-lab
    B & W prints I have had printed in the past, taken with my 35mm Konica SLR.
    Very nice. Now, all I need is $299+tax !!!
    As for the Epson, I have noticed that the prints do look better using
    Epson's papers. Which stands to reason as they(Epson) would make sure that
    it works best with their papers and inks. But, as I stated previously, the
    prints using even their "Glossy"papers seemed duller to me than the prints
    on my older Epsons have in the past. I even tried turning up the Color
    Saturation in Photoshop to see if the resulting print looked better, it
    didn't. It has to be the Dura-Brite inks. The same images printed on a
    friends Epson 1280 are bright and look great. (better printer too with
    Ultra-Crome inks)
    james, Oct 8, 2003
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