Pansonic DMC LC-1: Anyone using this model? Your opinions please.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Collin, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Collin

    Collin Guest

    I am on the verge of buying this model. I have read a number of
    reviews and reports but I would like to hear from users of this
    camera. On the face of it, it sounds ideal for what I need it for.
    But magazine reports are one thing, info from regular user are
    sometimes something else.

    Collin, Jun 2, 2005
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  2. I have had a DMC-LC1 for about three months now and it was my first venture
    into digital photography. I decided to go digital after coming back from a
    trip to Japan, Korea & China and realising that I had about a 25 x 36exp
    films to get processed. Even just getting 6 x 4 prints cost well over one
    hundred Pounds.

    I wanted a camera which was easy to use but not just an automated automatic,
    so after much searching I chose the Panasonic. After all, if Leica were
    putting their name to it it had to be good!

    I am pleased with this camera and even purchased a DMC-FZ20 to take
    advantage of the Leica 430mm lens on a recent safari.

    Biker2 \(Threadstopper\), Jun 2, 2005
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  3. I once was considering the LC-1, but my opinion is that it's way
    overpriced for a point-n-shoot with the image quality being no better
    than other point-n-shoots for 1/3 (or less) the price. This was based
    on my own practical tests done at a photo trade show with the other
    cameras I was considering.

    Now, if they made it with an 8 megapixel APS-size CMOS sensor like in
    the Canon Rebel or 20D -- very low noise at all ISOs, very "smooth"
    images -- it would be worth it even without interchangeable lenses.
    And I'd even learn to live with that LCD viewfinder. Hated it!
    Stefan Patric, Jun 2, 2005
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