Panotools ptstitcher Syntax error

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JrayK, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. JrayK

    JrayK Guest

    I am trying to use Panotools for the 1st time ever.

    I set up all of my control points in PTpicker and then try to run
    "stitcher" from the GUI.

    I get an error saying "error loading scriptfile"

    So I manualy copy all of my images, project file, and manually save
    the script file to the /helpers directory with PTstitcher.exe

    I run it with the syntax

    ptstitcher -o export.jpg myscript.txt image1.jpg image2.jpg

    The first time I ran this it worked fine.

    Now when ever I try to run it now on any script, I get an error saying
    "Syntax Error in Scriptfile"

    I'm stumped...

    Here is the scriptfile enerated by ptpicker....This is the one I am manual tweaking whatsoever...

    anyideas to whats wrong???

    p f2 w2020 h1010 v360 u10 n"JPEG"

    i f2 w1024 h768 y0 p0 r0 v181.755 n"1.jpg" X0 Y0 Z0
    i f2 w1024 h768 y180 p0 r0 v=0 n"2.jpg" X1 Y0 Z0
    v v0
    v y1 p1 r1
    c n0 N1 x852 y398 X167 Y394
    c n0 N1 x854 y346 X168 Y341
    c n1 N0 x171 y326 X853 Y331
    c n0 N1 x852 y296 X179 Y289
    c n1 N0 x184 y274 X847 Y282
    c n0 N1 x825 y230 X200 Y220
    c n0 N1 x797 y197 X217 Y176
    c n1 N0 x246 y157 X798 Y156
    c n1 N0 x254 y145 X783 Y150
    c n0 N1 x730 y99 X307 Y96
    c n0 N1 x682 y81 X351 Y54
    c n0 N1 x664 y72 X365 Y45
    c n0 N1 x183 y388 X869 Y395
    c n1 N0 x869 y348 X184 Y346
    c n0 N1 x180 y306 X860 Y311
    c n1 N0 x846 y278 X182 Y271
    c n1 N0 x831 y239 X193 Y229
    c n0 N1 x227 y164 X796 Y184
    c n1 N0 x809 y208 X207 Y191
    c n1 N0 x774 y154 X247 Y138
    c n0 N1 x271 y110 X750 Y134
    c n1 N0 x718 y109 X301 Y82
    c n0 N1 x355 y77 X692 Y61
    c n0 N1 x371 y70 X671 Y45
    c n0 N1 x521 y703 X528 Y717
    c n1 N0 x365 y681 X670 Y667
    c n0 N1 x757 y605 X274 Y614
    c n1 N0 x229 y558 X801 Y555
    c n1 N0 x680 y676 X366 Y668
    c n1 N0 x767 y609 X276 Y604
    c n0 N1 x244 y566 X798 Y573
    JrayK, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. JrayK

    mark herring Guest

    I am running panotools with the PTAssembler front end from Max Lyons. It is
    working flawlessly and is not all that hard to learn.

    Here is my first result:
    Mark Herring
    Pasadena, CA, USA
    private e-mail: just say no to "No"

    mark herring, Dec 5, 2003
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