Panasonic DMC FZ5

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Hank L., Jun 24, 2005.

  1. imbsysop wrote:
    Like many cameras today, the FZ5 offers both a simple point-and-shoot
    mode, and full control with aperture-priority, shutter priority, and full
    manual control. Its shape and image stabilised long zoom would suggest
    that it's pointed towards the more serious photographer, though,

    On a very quick and informal comparison, I would have said that degree of
    sharpening on the Pansonic FZ5 was "about the same" as that on the Nikon
    Coolpix 8400.

    David J Taylor, Jun 26, 2005
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  2. Don't they all work like this? The Canon Powershot S1 IS works
    the same way, if my memory serves me well, and even the S2 IS.

    Hans-Georg Michna, Jun 27, 2005
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  3. Hank L.

    imbsysop Guest

    "David J Taylor"
    So would you recommend it over the new Canon S2 IS ? and if so an what
    arguments ... I'm interested :)
    The latest review for the S2 (at dpreview) and the comparison with the FZ5
    is not very conclusive IMHO ..
    imbsysop, Jun 27, 2005
  4. imbsysop wrote:
    I think that's probably fair comment. I know that the FZ5 works well and
    can produce good results. I wish it had a swivel LCD. The movie mode
    doesn't bother me that much. I would prefer a camera in black, and one
    which takes a single battery instead of multiple AA cells. If I were
    buying today, the Canon would definitely be in the picture, but its size,
    weight and colour would count slightly against it. Would the swivel LCD
    compensate for the things I don't want? I'd have to try both cameras in
    the shop!

    David J Taylor, Jun 27, 2005
  5. Hank L.

    imbsysop Guest

    thnx .. this nicely fits my personal views at the moment :) ..
    unfortunately most European shops (all?) are not very keen on
    customers that walk in & ask for an intensive "test" of cameras, any
    camera actually :-( .. a "buy before you try" actually :)
    imbsysop, Jun 28, 2005
  6. Hank L.

    imbsysop Guest

    PS a swivel LCD is a luxury that is a very big "loss" once one is used
    to have one :)
    imbsysop, Jun 28, 2005
  7. Yes, I would agree. Originally, my wife wanted a camera to supplement her
    Nikon Coolpix 990, so AA batteries and CF cards were on the feature list.
    The Canon S1 would have met those requirements, but at only 3MP it offered
    nothing extra in the way of resolution over the 990, so she went for the
    FZ20, accepting the SD cards and Li-ion battery. She's quite happy with
    the batteries, but the lack of the swivel finder on the FZ5 (compared to
    the swivel body of the Nikon 990) is a significant drawback.

    David J Taylor, Jun 28, 2005
  8. imbsysop wrote:
    Jessops in the UK sometimes allow this. Everything must be returned "as
    new" with software unopened.

    I was thinking of just trying the shop demo models in the shop, though.
    Perhaps with gloves on if taking photos under the more extreme weather
    conditions is important. See if there are any obvious handling

    David J Taylor, Jun 28, 2005
  9. Hank L.

    imbsysop Guest

    thnx .. maybe they're even more picky about this on the continent :)
    oh well .. one can only give it a try :)
    imbsysop, Jun 28, 2005
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