Pages open in window about ten feet wide

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Marek Williams, May 30, 2005.

  1. For about the past week a few sites have been opening in windows that
    are wide in the extreme. Such windows automatically have a scroll bar
    on the bottom. The page usually appears blank when I open it, or just
    a few items are visible. As I scroll across the page, the rest of the
    items appear. The worst of these for me is

    This problem also occurs in Opera 7.23. I installed Opera 8.0 recently
    because I heard it had a feature (Ctrl-F11) to make such windows
    behave themselves. However, it has no effect on such pages.

    The problem never occurred until about two weeks ago in Opera. I only
    installed Firefox a few days ago hoping that it would resolve the
    problem, but it echoes the same problem as Opera. Although I started
    with Firefox 1.03, I installed 1.04 a couple days ago.

    The problem does NOT occur with Internet Explorer. Furthermore, I know
    other Firefox users who go to the above site and say it loads fine.

    Also, a problem which may be related, I have many pages which display
    properly, except the text does not wrap at the end of the window.

    I suspect a system problem rather than a problem with Firefox. But it
    baffles me and I can't think of anything that could be causing this.
    Anyone have any idea what may be wrong?
    Marek Williams, May 30, 2005
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  2. OK, just scored a breakthrough tonight, thanks to Ralph Fox of
    netscape.public.mozilla.general. In response to a similar problem from
    another user, what he said led me to believe it probably had something
    to do with Java. So I went into Tools > Options and started looking at
    the Java and Javascript options. I started by unchecking the
    Javascript choices one by one. Even after they were all unchecked, the
    problem persisted. But when I unchecked Enable Javascript, suddenly
    everything became much closer to normal. Note that I left Java
    enabled; it was just Javascript that I had to uncheck.

    However, even though the page no longer displays with segments
    scattered across a ten-foot wide frame, about half the links are
    missing and replaced by simple text messages stating what the
    button/link was supposed to do.

    Knowing that the problem had something to do with Java or Javascript,
    I opened Opera 7.23 and went to the same page. Again,
    it appeared streched all the way across an enormously wide frame. I
    went into Preferences, found the Java/Javascript section and looked at
    the Javascript options. Unlike Firefox, all the options were uncheced.
    Only the main Javascript button was still checked. So I uncheced the
    Javascript button, leaving the Java button checked -- so now the
    selections were the same as in Firefox 1.04. And when I went to com, the pages now open perfectly. Unlike Firefox,
    there is absolutely nothing wrong with them now at all.

    So I am getting closer to a solution. Further insights would be
    Marek Williams, May 30, 2005
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