packet loss through ipsec-tunnel after upgrade IOS

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Tom Pouce, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Tom Pouce

    Tom Pouce Guest

    Hi all,

    We need AES so I have just tried to upgrade one of our VPN routers.
    After the upgrade I have about 50% of packet loss through an IPSEC tunnel.
    The other side is a checkpoint Firewall.

    old IOS: c3640-jk9s-122-23.bin
    new IOS: c3640-ik9s-123-14.T7.bin

    After downgrading to the old IOS, I had no more packet loss.
    So, the problem is related with the IOS.
    phase 1 and 2 are up, and I see no errors.
    Anybody an idea what could be the problem, or how to debug?

    Tom P
    Tom Pouce, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. Tom Pouce

    Bod43 Guest

    There are a few possible approaches.

    - Try different releases
    - Read release notes to see if you might be hitting a known bug
    - Troubleshoot problem to see if it can be fixed.

    If you wish to oursue the latter please set up test

    clear counters

    run test and after 10 minutes of loss
    while the loss is still occuring gather

    sh proc cpu
    sh int ! for all relevant interfaces (inbound and outbound)
    sh buff
    sh mem (first few lines)

    please send description of test and network.
    Bod43, Oct 15, 2006
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