Packard Bell - Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk, and Press Enter

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Frits, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Frits

    Frits Guest

    Hi Group.

    My brother have this problem, on this Packard Bell desktop computer,
    S/N: 1233 6175 0312
    P/N: PB34354686
    NS-Model: AD008F

    While start up - the first time that he put power on,
    Show the following error on screen (black screen and in white text)

    NVIDIA Boot Agent 231.0528

    Client Mac Addr: 0017317231FF
    GUID: AC23CBAF-B996-DB11-8000-4E45435F4349 ----- /

    PXE-E53: No Boot Filename Received
    PXE-MOF: Exting NVIDIA Boot Agent

    When i press enter the computer reboot and start this from begin (read up)
    I don't know preciosly what it is, i read things in the product search on:
    This is a model with a wireless remote control but my brother don't have
    Maybe don't important for my upper problem.

    Is it a error from Packard Bell and i most i install with a CDrom?
    Or is it a error about the NVIDIA, i think it is the videocard, if i have
    right otherwise please change me?

    But by reboot, the PC don't go further whole to desktop vieuw, the computer
    stops while shown the upper "AND PRESS ENTER".

    Please can someone here help me, how to let reboot the computer to the
    And i can not use internet, so if i most download something i most use my
    internet to put on a cd-rom.

    Kind Regards,
    Frits, Feb 9, 2008
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  2. Frits

    philo Guest

    The machine cannot find the operating systems
    so it is attempting a network boot.

    Go into the bios and make sure the harddrive is being detected...
    also check the boot order to be sure it's listed prior to the network boot

    To enter your bios setup ...
    you may have to press the delete key during bootup...

    the screen should give you a message such as: hit <delete> to enter setup

    Otherwise consult the computer's manual.

    If the bios cannot find the may very well have failed...
    but it's advisable to at least check the conections
    philo, Feb 9, 2008
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  3. Frits

    Frits Guest

    I send this to your e-mailaddress and answer the group, so i don't know if
    you read the 24 support helpdesk everytime!>

    Hi Philo,

    First of all thanks for your very good help!!! ;-)))
    I am from the Netherlands, so my English is a bit strange i hope that you
    can understand it.
    I think you do, so you read my problem very well, i say to my brother i dont
    think when the comp stops on this point, i have that once myself by my own
    computer. I use a extern harddisk, so when i put on this on or off in wrong
    time for comp, and reboot, then the comp stops in the begin too and say
    this: The boot devices are changed press dell to enter bios setup, ( it is a
    bit time back so i don't know right now).
    So i change my start up boot order and look that this was changed.

    I think you mean that this is the same problem!?

    I have look this some hours back by my brother his computer and i saw that
    the first boot order was not the Harddisk!
    Think it was the recovery disk by Pakard Bell, so the computer change this
    automaticly maybe there was a problem that occure while he press some wrong
    button or something, he have not so much patience then me, so he use this
    computer also in his business.
    He most out when i look this so time was not so much to look this better.
    But i tought first that somethings matter with his NVIDIA files.

    Look please this link, this computer he have,

    With Windows XP ( i think it is home that he use )
    What is the adviced boot order in bios then?
    Please can you give me the list how to configure that in wich order this
    most be?
    This machine don't have floppy, no extern harddisk!
    But have build inside in front of the computer some SD card readers, a
    CDrom/writer and a DVD player (or writer).

    When i most re-install files it most be probarly done by the Packard Bell
    purper doll in the right side by the taskbare to the clock.
    So i don't think that i most use this, i hope not!
    Sometimes it came back, by me it was not happend one time by change boot
    devices in bios.

    So what is normaly the boot order list on the 3 places in bios?
    And most i only use 3 places?
    Every where on the internet i saw some different boot order device like a
    list on 1 ......, 2........., 3............
    And then i can use enabled or disabled, but this is only on the 4nd place,
    if the comp have this option?

    Is in this situation not better to setup first place: Harddisk ?, but more
    people say better is the CD-rom.
    But why more times i read this that CD-rom most be no.1?

    Please can you help me with this boot order list?
    I most know this before i make more change about his computer, all important
    files that are gone, so he don't make backup.
    I shall advice to do that while this problem occure more times, never know
    what happends!

    Sorry for my much words but sometimes is better to know how happend some

    Thanks in advance,
    There are good people too on this world :))

    Kind Regards,
    Frits, Feb 9, 2008
  4. Frits

    philo Guest

    (My reply is at bottom)


    First off the email address listed here is not meant for reply...
    it's so I do not get spammed! I check this newsgroup often though.

    Second: You English is fine. I have studied several languages other than
    but am too stupid to learn anything but English.

    As to the computer problem...the first thing to do is to enter the bios
    and see if the harddrive can even be detected.

    There should also be a bios menu that sets the order of the devices...
    it is typically such as:

    1) Floppy
    2) CDrom
    3) Harddrive

    Your bios setup should look like that...

    If there is no floppy or cd in the should skip them and go to
    the harddrive for booting.

    Please post back and mention if the bios can even detect the harddrive at
    If the harddrive cannot be detected...there is no point in going any further
    at this time
    philo, Feb 9, 2008
  5. Frits

    Frits Guest

    Hi Philo,
    Thanks for send me this quick reply!
    I saw the order of boot list in my brother's comp bios very quickly, the
    reason was that he most go out.
    I think i was 10 min there, and can not find the solution for that problem
    in a hurry.
    So you say to me, even there is no floppy inside i can put this checked
    Can you give me the reason, why some people choose for CD-rom as first boot
    I was thinking all the time that this list in boot order including a floppy
    is for computers that for example Windows98 as an operating system.
    So that is not what i think right!
    I write down the list of boot order in bios, by my brother, he have ask me
    to do this on sunday, he have not a computer in his home.
    When i have write it down on a paper, after this i send you by answer this
    topic here in this newsgroup.
    So he use this computer on his company also in the weekend.
    He is thinking about to buy a new computer for his home too.
    I know some of computers, i try to repair all myself but this is most
    software and os related only, build in only a networkcard, soundcard, modem
    and all little repair needs for computers.
    But i think you know more of bios too and that is what i dont know maybe
    till now, i learn more of you!!
    I want to thank you for now,
    Send you sunday or monday the final solution, that you give me before to
    repair this error stop by start his computer.
    Kind Regards,
    Frits, Feb 9, 2008
  6. Frits

    philo Guest

    (My reply is on the bottom)

    If there is no floppy drive in the machine...then just leave that out of the
    boot order.
    The reason the cdrom is usually placed first is so that one can boot from
    the XP cd
    and either reinstall or perform diagnostics.

    The important thing is to make sure the harddrive is detected .

    I will check back on the newsgroup on Sunday

    philo, Feb 9, 2008
  7. Frits

    Frits Guest

    Hi philo,
    I do send a message this way.
    My brother have reach me today and he say all was ok by put power on today.
    I have read earlyer that the computer sometimes reset after not 8 hours in
    use (off).
    But i was there looked how it happend, and all stands in good reboot order.
    1. CDrom
    2. Harddisk
    3. Network
    4. Removable (or Disabled).
    The last i am not sure about, the reason is that i sit not now in front of
    that computer, but all is ok now, and he is happy again.
    I was check the reboot order by press true reboot in Packard Bell screen the
    function F2, I think it was the same while reboot in the begin press DEL, so
    after this i have the bios in the screen and search for advanced reboot.
    All was look good there, i don't believe it, but the computer is working
    good now.
    For now thanks for your help and i hope that we speak to eachother another
    Please hold contact even we have not problems if you want too,

    Frits, Feb 10, 2008
  8. Frits

    philo Guest

    Thanks for reporting back.
    I hope the machine stays working ok

    Take care!

    philo, Feb 10, 2008
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