P&S Revenue predicted to fall by 24%, D-SLR revenue predicted tofall by 12%

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by SMS, May 21, 2009.

  1. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Barclays Capital estimates that consumer-oriented point and shoot
    digital camera sales will shrink 24% in terms of revenue amid a global
    slump in demand. Casio and Olympus recently cut prices on point and
    shoot cameras, but analysts say that prices of point and shoot models
    have bottomed out in terms of the manufacturers being able to cut prices
    further, because margins are already close to zero. A shake out is
    imminent in the digital camera business, with other producers set to
    follow the lead of Konica-Minolta and abandon the business.

    Digital SLR revenue is predicted to shrink by 12%, as prices fall due to
    greater competition and the introduction of lower priced models. Digital
    SLR cameras used to be purchased mainly by hobbyists and professionals,
    but the addition of features such as “Live View” and video capability
    have boosted sales volumes in the mass market, according to analyst Tak
    Tomasako. "The main advantage of the digital SLR to the casual
    photographer is the lack of shutter lag, that annoying delay on point
    and shoot cameras between when the shutter release is pressed and the
    photograph is taken," said Tomasako.

    "The lack of live view and video recording capability also hurt demand
    for digital SLRs in the mass market," continued Tomasako. "These
    features were already present on point and shoot cameras, and consumers
    expected them on digital SLRs as well, even though hobbyists and
    professionals didn't care about those features. Now the digital SLR
    manufacturers have added these features and are penetrating into the
    mass market. For the manufacturer, there is the opportunity to sell not
    only the camera, but a variety of high margin lenses and accessories."

    Not all manufacturers will survive in the digital SLR business stressed
    Tomasako. "Canon and Nikon currently have over 80% market share between
    them, with Sony (who bought Konica-Minolta's digital SLR business) a
    distant third. Olympus and Pentax barely register at all and will find
    it difficult to continue. Olympus has teamed up with Panasonic to
    promote their 4:3 and micro 4:3 system with little success. Pentax has
    teamed up with Korea's Samsung to co-brand digital SLRs, also with
    little success."

    What I don't get about this news item is that if D-SLRs are penetrating
    into the mass market, as they appear to be doing, won't the increase in
    sales more than make up for the lower ASP, _increasing_ revenue while
    decreasing margins?
    SMS, May 21, 2009
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  2. SMS

    Charles Guest

    DSLRs are not a scam or a con-Game (corrected your sloppy spelling).

    Correcting your sloppy thinking will take more effort than I can expend.
    Charles, May 21, 2009
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  3. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Also, what our friendly troll didn't understand was that the article was
    talking about _revenue_ falling 24% and 12% for point & shoot and D-SLRs
    respectively. In terms of volumes, P&S sales growth is going down and
    revenue is falling dramatically, while D-SLR volume is going up and
    revenue is falling moderately because the growth is mostly at the low
    end of the market from consumers moving from P&S cameras to D-SLRs as
    they learn more about digital photography.

    "Sales growth for compact digital cameras, which account for 90 per cent
    of the overall digital camera market, is expected to slow in fiscal
    2009. But with demand for digital single-lens reflex cameras forecast to
    remain solid, Hoya Corp. (TSE:7741) sees shipments of its Pentax brand
    digital SLR cameras soaring 48 per cent to 340,000 units. And Olympus
    Corp. (TSE:7733) projects a 25 per cent jump in shipments of digital
    SLRs to 500,000 units."

    I'd say that Olympus and Pentax are quite optimistic given the poor
    consumer acceptance of their D-SLRs, but then again they're quoting
    percentage increases of very low volme products. Canon just shipped
    their 10 millionth digital SLR.

    Personally I doubt if our troll has ever owned any digital camera at
    all. Certainly his lack of knowledge seems to indicate no experience at all.
    SMS, May 22, 2009
  4. SMS

    Charles Guest

    Some trolls are axe-grinders, and those can be semi-knowledgeable.

    Some trolls are just flamers.

    I no longer worry about Troll Taxonomy ... just plonk 'em. Try not to feed
    'em. I know, they are such irresistible little demons.

    One needs no credentials to create children or to post on the Internet. A
    good thing, I suppose?
    Charles, May 22, 2009
  5. SMS

    Charles Guest

    A significant market shakeout is due.
    Charles, May 23, 2009
  6. SMS

    Guest Guest

    nonsense. chromatic aberration is not caused by optical stabilization.
    Guest, May 23, 2009
  7. SMS

    Rich Guest

    They woke up to the P&S con ages ago and rendered those cameras
    unprofitable for the companies making them.
    Rich, May 24, 2009
    Chris Malcolm, May 24, 2009
  9. SMS

    Guest Guest

    true, and not just chromatic aberration.
    stabilization shifts the image laterally by wiggling one or more lens
    elements, not by altering the refraction, thus it will not have an
    effect on chromatic aberration.

    of course, any lens can exhibit chromatic aberration, stabilized or not.
    Guest, May 25, 2009
  10. SMS

    Guest Guest

    it's refracted whether stabilization is on or off.
    Guest, May 25, 2009
  11. SMS

    Rich Guest

    God finally intervening in the sale of the odious P&S's?
    Rich, May 25, 2009
    Chris Malcolm, May 25, 2009
  13. SMS

    J. Clarke Guest

    J. Clarke, May 26, 2009
  14. SMS

    Guest Guest

    how is a simple prism which is *supposed* to split the colours
    representative of a complex optical device that's explicitly designed
    *not* to?

    wiggling the stabilizing elements *moves* the image, it does not change
    the refraction of it.

    now it's possible that it might move it into part of the other elements
    where the path is less optimized but that would have been taken into
    account in their design. in other words, any effect is insignificant,
    if it can even be measured.

    but since you believe it can happen, where are the examples showing
    that a lens with its moving elements centered have less chromatic
    aberration than when they're at full excursion?
    Guest, May 26, 2009
  15. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Filtering him works pretty well because despite the fact that he changes
    his identity constantly, there are some things in his headers, and even
    in the fake e-mail addresses he creates, that you can filter on.

    You need a better news reader than Thunderbird or Outlook, and you have
    to be willing to spend some time creating filters on unique attributes
    in his headers.

    One very good free Usnet news reader is 40tude Dialog, at

    I'm slowly migrating over from Thunderbird, copying my existing filters
    and adding new ones, but in reality you need less filters in 40tude
    Dialog because you can look at attributes other than just "from" or
    "subject" though fortunately, most posters you want to filter are not
    quite as obnoxious as our troll.
    SMS, May 26, 2009
  16. SMS

    Guest Guest

    it's possible, but it's insignificant and certainly something that
    would have been considered in the overall design.
    exactly. if it's not detectable, who cares.
    they both have advantages and disadvantages.
    Guest, May 26, 2009
  17. SMS

    SMS Guest

    It's not just our troll, it's stuff like the recent rash of postings of
    merchandise originating from "news.usenetmonster.com". Amazingly this
    provider actually did recognize the problem eventually, and shut the
    poster down, but it was really annoying while it lasted.
    SMS, May 26, 2009
  18. SMS

    Paul Furman Guest

    Both would tend to push at least one corner inward, improving one side,
    making another worse. The troll just made this up though, it's a non-issue.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, May 26, 2009
  19. SMS

    Rob G Guest

    I've read through most of the posts in this thread and am amazed at
    the abuse that flows back and forth not only in this thread but
    throughout this NG in general.

    I'm not a troll as I will bring something of my observations on the
    subject shortly, but I am a regular user of NG's and forums in the UK
    and I've never come across such polarised opinion and poor quality
    discussion in terms of argumentative emotion on the subjects raised.
    You really all need to look at yourselves and wonder just who you are
    and whom you are trying to convince that you are any wiser than anyone
    else. You accuse posters of being trolls but is it hardly surprising
    that you are being wound up when you all lay yourselves so open to
    being seen as such pompous idiots.

    I'm an amateur photographer - I'm old enough to remember as a child
    using box brownies and developing my own 35mm b&w films. I enjoy
    recording life as it goes past, but I'm not a pro-am unlike many here
    make themselves out to be. Anyway I did a brief test today, totally
    unrelated to this thread. I've a Canon 300D with it's native lens,
    and I've a Panasonic FX01. My test ? I wanted to investigate
    recording many family papers - I can either scan them or I can photo
    them, so I tried the cameras this morning. What astonished me,
    particularly in line with this thread, that in an identical shot, the
    P & S was far superior in detail to the SLR. I had to Sharpen the SLR
    shot to be able to read the text. which in the P & S was clear and
    readable without significant zooming in.

    If you regard the postings in favour of P & S cameras as trolls then
    so be it, but my test with the equipment I have has been a bit of an
    eye opener.

    Rob G, May 26, 2009
    Chris Malcolm, May 27, 2009
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