Overcoming insufficient permissions for PDF image extraction to JPEG

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    How do I save a PDF diagram to JPG using when I get the Adobe Acrobat
    6.0 Standard error: File->Save As, Save as type = JPEG, "Insufficient
    permissions for image extraction"?

    The original is a BMW shop manual that I paid $100 for the CDROM.
    The BMW problem I have is posted to http://www.i-bmw.com with photos
    using the same login as I used for this post.

    My problem is I wish to include a shot of the factory shop manual
    diagram but apparently BMW doesn't want me to save that diagram to

    How do I overcome the "insufficient permissions for image extraction"
    so that I can save a diagram in the BMW factory shop manual to a JPEG
    so I can post it to the BMW forum to get the help I need (obviously the
    shop manual failed me in this respect).

    I tried printing the PDF shop manual to PostScript and then distilling
    to PDF again but I got a similar message from the Adobe Acrobat
    Distiller (Windows XP).

    Please advise how to save a diagram to JPEG when it is protected
    somehow magically.
    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
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  2. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    I even tried deleting all the pages so that I could just post the one
    page (I can't be posting the entire 400 page shop manual!) but even
    deleting pages is disallowed.

    When I check File->Document Properties->Security, I find the following:
    Security Method = Password Security
    Printing = Allowed
    Changing the Document = Not Allowed
    Document Assembly = Not Allowed
    Content Copying or Extraction = Not Allowed
    Content Extraction for Accessibility = Not Allowed
    Commenting = Not Allowed
    Filing of form fields = Not Allowed
    Signing = Not Allowed
    Creation of Template Pages = Not Allowed

    If I didn't pay $100 for this manual I wouldn't be so upset just trying
    to save a JPG of one of the diagrams to post to the BMW forum for help.

    I'm sure there is another way to do simply save one PDF page or convert
    that one PDF diagram to a GIF or JPEG file.

    Can a PDF or JPEG expert point me to the software that would do this
    for me?
    I don't wish to remove the security. I just want to save the diagram to

    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
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  3. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    I solved the forum-posting problem by doing a print-screen and pasting
    that into an empty GIF as shown on this URL

    But, from a technical standpoint, for the next time (for me and for
    others who need this to post accurately to forums), the question still

    What is the simplest least expensive option for saving a PDF diagram to
    a GIF image when the original $100 PDF (which we rightfully own) is
    protected this way at the factory?

    Ben K.
    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
  4. bentknuckle

    King Sardon Guest

    Do Alt-PrintScreen and paste into your favorite graphics program.

    King Sardon, Jul 29, 2005
  5. bentknuckle

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Ben...

    I'm not so sure that you do "own" it; anymore than you
    can own anyone else's copyright materials, or intellectual
    property. Were it one of your photos would you feel the
    same way?

    However, not my place to judge you, or anyone, so...

    The easiest and cheapest way will be to simply make a
    screen capture with a capture utility. I like Hyper-snap.

    A free demo is available, or was when last I looked. The
    limitation attached to the demo version is (was?) that it
    puts a small unobtrusive watermark in the upper left corner
    of the capture.

    Take care.

    Ken Weitzel, Jul 29, 2005
  6. bentknuckle

    King Sardon Guest

    Depends on your morals, I guess. There are lots of progs out there
    that recover PDF passwords. Plus I believe there are PDF readers that
    do not respect the passwords... so, these are quite weak pwds. There
    are also PDF converter progs that can recover graphics from PDFs,
    after they have been unprotected.

    King Sardon, Jul 29, 2005
  7. The OP already said he used alt-print-screen and he posted a URL to the
    result ( http://img113.imageshack.us/im g113/7007/wheel6qc.gif ).

    Another option might be to snap a digital photo of the PDF of the shop
    manual on your computer screen. Set your photo to 300dpi so as to magnify
    the 72 or 96 DPI you get on the screen so you can blow up the photo.

    However, perhaps the best answer is one of the three below (if they work):
    #1: Somehow remove the protection of the PDF so that the SAVE TO GIF
    feature works again.

    #2: Somehow use a different PDF viewer that does not respect the password
    protection of the original PDF so that this different PDF viewer can allow
    you to save the one diagram to a GIF image.

    #3: Print the PDF to PostScript and somehow use a different program to view
    the PostScript file and then save the desired diagram to a GIF image.

    I'm sure ONE of these three options will work but I have no idea which
    sofware would do that for us. Maybe a digital expert is on this newsgroup
    who can point out which freeware software reads PDF and saves a GIF image.
    Guardia di Finanza, Jul 29, 2005
  8. I don't have a protected PDF document to test this out (I own a bimmer,
    not a beemer ... the bimmer shop manuals are Bently paper bound manuals,
    not PDF like in the beemers); but this simple 5-minute three-step
    procedure below using ghoststuff ( http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ )
    should, I would think, convert any password-protected PDF page to a JPEG
    image which you can then annotate and edit as needed to post to your
    beemer forum to get the help you morally and rightfully deserve after
    having purchased a twenty thousand dollar bike and the hundred-dollar PDF
    shop manual for that BMW motorcycle.

    a) AFPL Ghostscript displays, prints, & converts PostScript & PDF files.
    Download & install WinXP GhostScript 8.51 self-extracting binaries

    b) GSview is the official WinXP graphical interface for Ghostscript.
    GSView uses Ghostscript to display, print, & convert both
    PostScript & PDF files on Windows XP platforms.
    Download & install WinXP GSview 4.7 self-extracting binaries

    c) Convert the desired protected PDF diagram to a JPEG photo.
    Right click on your password-protected PDF shop manual.
    Chose to open with GSview (DO NOT USE ADOBE READER OR STANDARD!).
    In GSview, press View -> Go To Page -> 294 -> OK
    In GSview, press File -> Convert
    Select Pages = 294 (the default will be all pages)
    Choose Resolution = 600 dpi (or whatever is desired)
    Select Device = jpeg (or whatever image format is desired)
    Set "Shrink to fit Page Size" (I find this works best for me)
    Press "OK" and choose a file name & press "Save".

    This should convert a password-protected PDF to a JPEG (or any desired
    image format, even vector formats which can then be rotated and modifed
    as needed to convey the message you need to your forum members).

    Let us know if this works as I don't have a password-protected PDF file
    to test this process against (it certainly works fine for non-password
    protected PDF or PostScript files).

    Peter Luftinger
    Peter Luftinger, Jul 29, 2005
  9. bentknuckle

    Mike Emerson Guest

    I own both a bimmer and a beemer along with their respective shop manuals so I
    can probably test this out for you as soon as I find the CDROM containing
    that BMW Motorrad Reparaturanleitung password protected PDF file (and as soon
    as I install the suggested software on my Windows 2000 laptop).

    I agree Adobe makes our lives miserable with this password protection
    garbage. I, like most of us, absolutely hate the fact that the Adobe Acroabat
    Reader is automatically installed with these CDROMs (why on earth would anyone
    install the brain dead Adobe Acrobat Reader when the much better Adobe PDF
    Writer works ten times better anyway?).

    Hell. For that matter, I wish my bimmer had a PDF shop manual as the
    Bentley manual I have is two sets at more than three inches a set! What I'd
    like to do is convert those 700 pages of paper to PDF! If anyone knows how,
    let me know now!

    Anyway, when I find my beemer shop manual, I will test this out for you and
    email you the results as I'm pretty adept at running file conversion software
    so if it really works, I will be the first to let you know.
    Mike Emerson, Jul 29, 2005
  10. Anthony Matonak, Jul 29, 2005
  11. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    Mike kindly sent me an email explaining how to load & run the freeware
    software to convert my password-protected PDF shop manual images to
    editable format files so I can get the expert help I need on the online
    mechanic BMW repair forums.

    He noted that if I additionally wanted to convert the mechanical CAD
    2-d PDF diagrams to a rotatable 3-D vector format such as the AutoCAD
    drawing exchange format (dxf), I'd need additional freeware software
    such as ps2edit at http://www.pstoedit.net/pstoedit/ to create the
    vector-format DXF files and http://www.dirfile.com/free_dwg_viewer.htm
    & http://www.infograph.com/products/dwgviewer/ to view and edit (
    http://www.a9tech.com/products/a9cad/ ) these dxf files.

    The resulting diagram (converted from protected PDF to editable JPG)
    can be remporarily found at

    Thanks for all the help (why doesn't everyone know how to do this very
    important and useful task)?
    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
  12. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    Because Anthony went to the trouble to point out for us these programs
    to remove eggregious PDF security which prevented us from saving a PDF
    diagram to an editable format such as JPG, MS Word, DXF, etc., I
    downloaded and tested the PC Magazine suggested "Advanced PDF Password
    Recovery" version 1.46 software.

    The ADPR software worked (almost) like a charm on the 376 page password
    protected PDF. It quickly removed the user password for the first 38
    pages allowing me to save all 38 to editable formats. Unfortunately,
    with the downloaded trialware, the rest of the pages from 38 to 400
    were all blank. :(

    It would be nice if there were freeware out there to remove the
    password protection on all 376 pages but I already was able convert the
    desired diagram to an editable format for posting to the beemer online
    mechanic forum using the freeware Ghostscript/GSview software.

    The good news is we can again work on our vehicles and get help in the
    online forums by the online mechanics who love to see photographs and
    diagrams of the problems instead of words.
    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
  13. bentknuckle

    jeffm_ Guest

    How do I save a PDF diagram to JPG
    If it can be displayed on your screen,
    a screen capture utility can grab it.
    For some unknown reason, the mental midget Guardia di Finanza
    added entries to the Groups line when he posted.
    I'm cross-posting this to misc.consumers.frugal-living,
    (where I found it).
    jeffm_, Jul 29, 2005
  14. bentknuckle

    jeffm_ Guest

    Guardia di Finanza arbitrarily added to the Groups line
    2 (unrelated) newsgroups when he posted this.

    Were you born retarted or were you dropped on your head?
    jeffm_, Jul 29, 2005
  15. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    That only works for one page and even then only if you can see the
    entire set of diagrams on a single page with enough clarity at the dpi
    of your screen. Plus a screen capture won't save to a vector format
    which can then be 3-D rotated or stretched intelligently. A screen
    capture might work sometimes, but, overall it's just a dumb low-quality
    bitmap of a single viewing.

    On the other hand, the method that was reported to me by the experts of
    removing the PDF password protection is the best method overall as it
    allows us to save the entire file as a series of editable pages in one
    fell swoop. The only problem with this method is the freeware only
    removed the password in the first 10% of the 400 pages of the manual
    (it was trial ware) and the diagram I wanted was in the last 10%. There
    was no way of cutting out the pages without removing the password
    either. Bummer.

    Luckily the method I used successfully (that of viewing the PDF in
    Ghostscript/GSview which doesn't respect the Adobe password) worked
    just fine to create an editable file that I could then post to the
    beemer expert mechanics for their advice.

    Here, by way of example, is the edited file with photographs annotated
    and the diagram modified so that it shows exactly what I was trying to
    portray to the BMW online mechanics who were helping me diagnose the

    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
  16. bentknuckle

    Mike Emerson Guest

    What happened to the ABS braking toothed ring for the Beemer?

    If the anti-lock-braking ring were still on the wheel, then you'd know which
    is the shift (port) side when you mount the directional tires.

    By removing the ABS braking and the dual brake discs, you made it harder on
    Mike Emerson, Jul 29, 2005
  17. bentknuckle

    bentknuckle Guest

    The Frame Man in Sacramento wouldn't straighten the beemer front wheel
    with the ABS braking ring or the dual caliper discs on the wheel! The
    tire flattened so we decided to replace that also even though it had a
    couple of thousand left of its five or six thousand mile lifetime.

    Plus, I was in the hospital (so it's not my fault for not marking it in
    the first place). My buddy (bless his soul) sent the wheel out as a
    favor to me so I could ride again sooner.

    Strange thing ... the cager was in a 7-series bimmer! He didn't even
    know what hit him as he hurredly drove off after cutting me off by
    turning right in front of me. He never stopped. What hurt me wasn't him
    but the pavement. Next time I'm wearing armored gloves if I can fit my
    newly bent knuckles into 'em!

    Anyway, as we all said, I was able to convert the BMW shop manual PDF
    to an editable format (GIF, JPEG, WORD, FrameMaker, etc.) by three
    different methods.

    1. Take a screenshot of the password-protected manual and edit that
    2. Remove PDF password protection to save the manual to an editable
    3. Read the password protected PDF in a program that doesn't respect
    the passwords and then convert to an editable format

    bentknuckle, Jul 29, 2005
  18. Press "print screen"key once, to capture the screen.Go to painting.Press
    CTRL+V to paste.You will be asked if you want to enlarge, answer yes.Save.
    Dimitrios Tzortzakakis, Jul 29, 2005
  19. bentknuckle

    wilt Guest

    <<My problem is I wish to include a shot of the factory shop manual
    diagram but apparently BMW doesn't want me to save that diagram to
    JPEG. >>

    BMW holds copyright. That means YOU MUST get BMW permission to use
    their illustration in your manual, if you intend to distribute it. You
    have the right to photocopy something for your OWN use, such as a copy
    in your shop and a copy for your home office. But to copy something
    for distribution to others is technically illegal and the copyright
    owner can come after you! It is not merely about 'morals', it is about
    your own risk to LEGAL EXPOSURE and lawsuit.

    wilt, Jul 29, 2005
  20. While this method works reasonably well for converting a single page of PDF
    to an editable format such as a GIF or JPEG, if you really desire a GIF or
    JPEG for all 400 pages of the password-protected PDF document, a manual
    screen capture is, shall we say, not exactly the most efficient approach.

    Depending on your needs, it's MUCH MORE EFFICIENT to convert the entire
    Adobe password protected PDF file to a non-password protected PDF by the
    methods described.

    For example, convert the entire password protected PDF document to
    PostScript using Ghostscript/GSview in one step; then convert the
    PostScript results back to PDF using the Adobe PostScript-to-PDF distiller.

    At this point, you can now print the document, re-order pages in the
    document, add and remove pages, cut and paste text, etc. for your personal
    use. You can also quickly and efficiently convert the entire document to
    GIF or JPEG or TIFF or HTML or Microsoft Word or ASCII TEXT or whatever
    simply by running File -> Save As in the Adobe Acrobat Standard writer
    product (I'm assuming nobody really uses the brain dead Adobe Acrobat

    In summary, there is a BIG difference between cut-and-paste of a screen
    capture and a quick conversion to PostScript and then back to PDF.
    Hans Barnhofter, Jul 29, 2005
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