Outlook and Outlook Express

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Maxime, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Maxime

    Maxime Guest

    I have Outlook Express with my Home XP and Outlook Express with my Office

    Can I use both interchangeably without conflict?

    Thank you.

    Please answer via this newsgroup
    Maxime, Sep 8, 2003
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  2. Maxime

    Rudolpho Guest

    Yes you can use them together witout any conflict.
    Rudolpho, Sep 8, 2003
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  3. Maxime

    Liz Guest

    Liz, Sep 8, 2003
  4. Maxime

    jmnugent Guest

    Do you mean you want to use them both to check the same email account??

    The default behaviour with Outlook Express is to download your email to your
    local computer (whichever one your sitting in front of)
    So....for example....if you have 10 new messages in your email---and you
    start Outlook Express on your Home computer, those 10 emails
    will be moved from the email server down to your local hard drive. So, now
    when you go to your work computer --and tell it to "Check for new mail"
    it will say you have NONE...(because the 10 messages were moved to your home

    Here is what you need to do: (from Outlook Express HELP file)
    To store messages on an e-mail server

    Storing messages on a server is useful if you need to read e-mail from more
    than one computer. When you log on to your account from a different
    computer, Outlook Express downloads messages according to the options you
    have set. You can store messages on a POP3 server. If you have HTTP e-mail,
    or IMAP e-mail, your messages are always kept on the server.

    1.. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
    2.. Click the e-mail account, and then click Properties.
    3.. Click the Advanced tab, and then select Leave a copy of messages on
    jmnugent, Sep 8, 2003
  5. Maxime

    Maxime Guest

    Thank you Liz and Rudolpho :)
    Maxime, Sep 9, 2003
  6. Maxime

    rifleman Guest

    No, you have Outlook Express that came with IE6 in Windows XP, but you
    have OUTLOOK that came with Office XP. the two are TOTALLY different
    rifleman, Sep 9, 2003
  7. Maxime


    LINA MOHAMED, Sep 9, 2003
  8. Maxime

    Boomer Guest

    alexandre m said:
    Multiple personalities?
    Boomer, Sep 10, 2003
  9. Maxime

    Marc Russell Guest

    I guess you are using an ISP email service for your home account, only
    because this is the most common setup.

    You can indead setup them both up to access the same email services. In
    outlook express you can setup an account to access the POP email service
    provided by your ISP (the pop server is where you log onto download your
    mail from.) The setting is in the tools menu, then select accounts and then
    setup new mail account. If you are not sure about the settings copy them
    from the machine that is setup.Onr thing to remember if you are going to
    retrieve mail on both computers is to 'leave messages on server' when
    collecting mail (select tools>accounts>select properties for the account
    that you have just setup and then select the advance tab and check leave
    message on server). You need to do this on both machines.

    Another thing to bear in mind is that some ISP's will only let you access
    there POP server and other various services if you are dialed up or
    connected to their service so if you are connected to the internet by a LAN
    for example at work you willn ot be able to retrieve the mail anyway

    Marc Russell, Sep 10, 2003
  10. Maxime

    alexandre m Guest


    LINA MOHAMED a écrit:
    alexandre m, Sep 10, 2003
  11. Maxime

    KA05 Guest

    Thanks mark
    OE is still automatically connecting when i just want to connect and play
    quake or surf though. Tried looking at options and....em, its still the
    KA05, Sep 13, 2003
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