Outlook 2003 + Exchange 2003

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Miguel Jamous, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I have windows XP64 professional, fresh install.
    I cannot connect my outlook 2003 to exchange 2003, online and offline.
    I get an error of access, with windows 32 i have no problem.
    Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set
    folders could not be opened. The server is not available. Contact your
    administrator if this condition persists.
    I have reinstall several times outlook but no success.

    Does anybody have the same problem ?
    any idea ?

    Miguel Jamous, Jul 4, 2006
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  2. Two possibilities - one, are you on an Nvidia based motherboard? If so, you
    need to first install and then uninstall the nvidia firewall application.

    second possibility - is this an SBS Premium installation? If so, there's a
    hot fix for ISA you need (or simply install the ISA 2004 SP2 bits, that
    includes it.)

    For more details on both of these, see my blog entries on it.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jul 4, 2006
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  3. Hello Charlie,

    Thanks for your answer,

    but unfortunally i don't have a nvidia based motherboard, but an asus p5wd2
    premium with a pci express nvidia Geforce 6200. no firewall software
    included. I don't understand why i need isa 2004 sp2, since i am accessing
    through the local lan, but i will installed anyway.
    I will post the results later

    Miguel Jamous, Jul 4, 2006
  4. If you're on an SBS network, there's a problem with RPC handling between x64
    and the server.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jul 4, 2006
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