Outlook 2002 - Data is SUSPECT error - Please help

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jnet Tech, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Jnet Tech

    Jnet Tech Guest

    I have a client who got an error when opening Outlook 2003 telling him
    his data is SUSPECT and to contact the administrator if the problem
    persists. His only options were Retry, Cancel, or Help. Retry
    produced the same errror. Help didn't refer to his exact problem, and
    the similar problems (corrupt data, can't find file) did not help.
    Cancel caused Outlook to continue loading & automatically create a new
    blank data file.

    Now all of his original data appears to be gone. I did a search for
    ..pst files and could not find the correct one. I found one that I
    created in early March when I exported his contact list to share with
    another computer that uses Outlook 2002 so I was able to restore his
    contacts, but nothing else.

    This guy is a contractor and uses Outlook quite a bit. I know he uses
    the calendar and journal to keep detailed job notes. He was acting
    like it wasn't a big deal, but I know he just hasn't realized what he
    has lost yet.

    I happened to be there at the time to look at a problem he was having
    with his printer. When I got there he had Outlook going. I opened OE
    to access his network printer, and also looked at the printer
    settings, but didn't change anything. Once the printer error was
    cleared and the print queue empty I closed OE & Outlook and restarted
    the computer. I logged in as Admin and tried to print. It still
    didn't work (He's calling his Canon Rep tomorrow).

    His computer is networked with another to share the internet. The
    computer with the Outlook problem is the internet "server". He's been
    having a problem with the client trying to connect to the internet
    during startup so I turned the Internet Connection Firewall on with
    logging enabled on the server. Tested it alittle and it seemed to
    solve the problem. We were getting ready to walk out the door when he
    opened Outlook to get a phone number and got the error message. I
    ended up spending quite awhile trying to find the file or a recent
    copy on either computer with no luck.

    Does anybody have any insight on what might have caused this to
    happen? I don't think any of the things I did would have caused it.
    And is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Any & all help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
    Jnet Tech, Apr 1, 2004
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