Outgoing Caller Display (Sipgate)

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Phil, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Phil

    Phil Guest

    When I phone a landline from my Sipgate line my number doesn't come up on
    their caller display. When I phone a mobile the number is displayed. Any
    ideas why this would be? In my router I have an option for caller ID
    modulation this is currently set to CID_V23 but I have the option of
    changing it to CID_BELL202. Will changing this make any difference? Sorry
    for being thick but I'm fairly new to VOIP that isn't an out of the box set
    Phil, Jun 20, 2006
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  2. Phil

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Is this the same with any landline or just one..? If the latter then it's
    possible that line doesn't have incoming CLI enabled.

    It it's all landlines then I'm perplexed..! However outgoing CLI and
    incoming are different things; what you have set in your equipment (you
    have not told us what it is, BTW..!) only affects incoming CLI that is (or
    isn't..!) displayed on your phone.

    There is a setting on the Sipgate website that *could* affect your
    outgoing CLI though, but it is set to "on" by default and unless you
    manually change it (in which casse you'd know about it..!) is unlikely to
    be the cause, however it's worth a check.

    Log on to your account at www.sipgate.co.uk and click on the "My Account"
    tab. Scroll to the bottom of that page and locate the box at bottom left
    headed "Connection Information: There you will see details of the phone
    number, SIP ID etc. and there will be an entry "Caller ID" which should
    show "on" by default.

    If it's off, click on "edit data" and on the screen that comes up ensure
    that the tick is *removed* from the box in the section "Hide your sipgate
    number on outgoing calls."

    If it is on, then the problem is elsewhere, but not sure at this stage
    what that could be without more info on your setup.

    BTW try calling my Speaking Clock on SIP ID 1431320 (020 7043 1320) and
    let me know the exact time you did so, I can then check my log and see if
    your number is displayed here.

    Ivor Jones, Jun 20, 2006
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  3. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Thanks for the info Ivor. I called your speaking clock at 8.56 and 10
    seconds(am). I have checked on Sipgate's site and my account is set up to
    show my number. It's on all landlines that my number is not displayed, it
    just comes up as unknown on peoples caller display.
    Thanks in advance
    Phil, Jun 20, 2006
  4. Phil

    DGB Guest

    About a week ago, I was testing my BT incoming line by calling from Sipgate
    and got "Unavailable" presented on the caller display. Funny, I thought,
    the correct CLI had been displaying the last time I tested it, so I checked
    the Sipgate website to ensure that CLI was enabled, and it was. On seeing
    your post this morning, I checked it again, and this time the CLI was
    displayed. I've made no changes, so I assume that Sipgate may be routing
    via different carriers at different times of day (something that the Finarea
    1899 and 18866 services do), some of which support CLI and some of which do
    DGB, Jun 20, 2006
  5. Phil

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Interesting. I have 2 calls at 0845 and 0909 but none at 0856..! The first
    shows a number ending 001 and the second is withheld.

    Strange one.

    Ivor Jones, Jun 20, 2006
  6. Phil

    Ivor Jones Guest

    An interesting theory, but not borne out by my own experience. I was
    probably one of the first Sipgate users in the UK back in October 2004 and
    since then my outgoing CLI has always been presented, at least nobody has
    ever told me it wasn't and I test systems and equipment frequently.

    Ivor Jones, Jun 20, 2006
  7. Phil

    Phil Guest

    Must have been 08:45 then cause my number ends in 001. It's strange how the
    caller display is working on mobiles and VOIP lines but not BT landlines. I
    also have an account with Freetalk and if I call that number my Sipgate
    number is displayed. It looks like BT's systems just can't understand what
    Sipgate is telling them my number is, where as every mobile and VOIP network
    can. It's very strange.
    Thanks for your hrelp guys.
    Phil, Jun 20, 2006
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