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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Don Stauffer, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Don Stauffer

    ASAAR Guest

    I can assure you I've never heard any of the records made by the
    less-than-cool Whitey. :)

    I'm not familiar with most of their songs, but a few of my friends
    had some of their albums and I'd occasionally hear the name
    mentioned on the radio. Most of my 45s were "permanently" borrowed,
    but I have no equipment to play the survivors on. As a side note
    and sad to say, I heard this morning about the death of Clarence
    "Gatemouth" Brown. Known as a master of a Texas brand of blues
    based jazz guitar, a band leader and a singer (I think "Texas Jump"
    was the style his band played). I have a number of his CDs, and he
    was in his early 80's, lived in the New Orleans area and evidently
    succumbed to the strain of recent events.

    For virtually the same experience you could save a compressed
    version of them as MP3 files, and fit them all on a couple of CDs.
    With the volume turned up on a portable player it's unlikely you'd
    notice any reduced sound fidelity. The DVD might make for a more
    convenient master though. Just as some folk here have discussed
    ways to add "noise" and grain to pictures, fake noise can easily be
    added to even pristine old 45s if that's what it takes to get back
    in the groove.
    ASAAR, Sep 12, 2005
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  2. LOL you better watch out or Ray Fischer will be calling you a racist, Mr
    Fischer King himself ha!
    I'm surprised!
    ????? He better not be dead there is a whole fundraiser going on to help him
    and his family rebuild their home in New Orleans, and to replace his
    instruments that were lost. He also has had a lot of medical expenses in the
    years past. He evacuted with his family before Katrina hit to his home town
    of Orange, Texas, where I believe he owns a second home. As of two days ago
    monies were still being raised for his fun, so if he has died than hopefully
    Earl closes down the request for donations.
    I have two cousins here in the community that own their own sound
    mix/recording studios (the real equipment) and because these are disco and
    motown artist 45s they will digitize them for nothing as long as they can
    have the 45s. I like DVD for the reason you mention (easy backup), but also
    because close to all files will fit on 1 disk for easy pop'N'play. CDs only
    fit about 17 files don't they?

    take care,
    Linda Nieuwenstein, Sep 13, 2005
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  3. Don Stauffer

    ASAAR Guest

    There was a very brief mention of his death at the very beginning
    of (I think) Weekend Edition that mentioned mentioned his N.O. home,
    stress from the recent events and probably something about failing
    health. Today's ATC spent more time, playing cuts from several of
    his recordings, starting with Okey Dokey Stomp. This was more of a
    carefully produced obit. that mentioned that he died in Orange, TX
    after leaving N.O., had been suffering from heart disease, emphysema
    and lung cancer (he smoked a pipe).

    Not when they've been converted to MP3. The quality varies with
    compression as well as the ability of the MP3 converter. If done
    properly, a CD can contain not 17 files, but 17 hours worth of very
    decent sounding audio. Much more if high compression is used, but
    then you'll probably notice the falloff in sound quality. Sony's
    products (both CD and MiniDisc) use their proprietary ATRAC Plus
    format which is superior to MP3, but is harder to use due to
    annoying copy-protection restrictions and proprietary nature. I've
    made personal copies of the contents of CDs using no computer,
    directly linking a CD player to a MiniDisc recorder using an optical
    cable. The inter-track gaps are automatically recognized, and using
    the lowest quality Hi-MD ATRAC format (Hi-LP) get recordings with
    superb quality sound. Some may hear be able to detect a very slight
    difference from the original source CD, but with most disks using
    good headphones or high quality earbuds (that cost as much or more
    than the recorder), I don't. This allows for over 10 hours of audio
    on an old standard minidisc (about 320MB and less than $2 each) and
    over 33 hours on the newer Hi-MD discs (1 GB). If the older
    non-HiMD formats are used with their lowest quality format (LP4),
    the manual mentions that depending on the source material, if the
    lowest quality ATRAC format is used, an occasional "artifact" might
    be heard. That should still produce very decent sound, by if you
    listen closely you should be able to hear a difference compared to
    playback directly from the original CD. The latest generation of
    Hi-MD recorders now support MP3 files, but mine are the older ones
    that only record ATRAC. As far as I know, the Sony CD players that
    handle ATRAC files have always supported MP3 formats. While not as
    compact as the smallest MP3 players, MiniDisc recorder/players are
    small enough to easily fit in any of my pockets and models that use
    a single AA battery can last for more than 25 hours per alkaline or
    NiMH charge. Very thin versions using Lithium-Ion batteries are
    also available. BTW, if you weren't aware, the minidiscs are
    rewriteable magneto-optical discs, smaller than 3 1/4" floppies
    (maybe even smaller than a mini-CD), are enclosed in a similar
    shell, and should be far more reliable and long lived than
    rewriteable CDs.
    ASAAR, Sep 13, 2005
  4. Don Stauffer

    Sharp Guest

    Who are you talking about????
    Sharp, Sep 13, 2005
  5. Don Stauffer

    ASAAR Guest

    Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Musician (guitar, fiddle, drums),
    singer, composer, band leader, good guy. The piece included short
    clips of interviews with him and explained where the "Gatemouth"
    moniker came from. I think it said that his career started in the
    late 1940's. You can probably listen to it online, but be warned,
    it doesn't start near the beginning of ATC. I'd guess it started
    more than 90 minutes after the beginning of the program.
    ASAAR, Sep 14, 2005
  6. His Web site has been updated sort of. Cheques are now for the funeral costs
    for his family. The cheques are to be made out to the Gatemouth Brown's
    Disaster Relief Fund (c/o Celeste Biles) in Oceanside, CA.
    http://www.gatemouth.com/. Left over money will be forwarded to Musicars,
    Hurricane Relief Fund http://www.grammy.com/musicares/index.aspx

    Take care,
    Linda Nieuwenstein, Sep 14, 2005
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