ospf in broadcast domain not working

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by matteo_cardelli, May 22, 2005.

  1. Good Morning,

    I got the following problem:
    4 router connected all with multiple ethernet broadcast area 0 between
    each other. They are also and connected also on the wan to remote sites
    and they are announcing these network to the 4 routers (connected
    between each other via multiple LAN segment in area 0 - actually 2 of
    the routers are 4500 with L3 capabilities).

    The output of sh ip ospf neighbour is showing that some of the router
    neighbours are 2WAY/DROTHER.
    Every router has got some ospf subnets to be redistributed and this
    does not happen.
    I wanted that all the routes in the ospf database were announced, but
    from my understanding the routes are announced only to the DR and BDR
    (and then redistributed).
    In this scenario the routers that established a 2way/DROTHER are not
    exchanging routes between themself.
    What I expect is that they are receiving the routes (also in area
    0)from conversation with DR and BDR.

    In reality not all the route in my ospf database are similar.
    On one of the router some routes announced by DROTHER are missing.
    I thought that for a broadcast domain there is no problem of routes
    redistribution due to the any to any connectivity. It does not seem so.

    Is it a problem with the OSPF or for the routing table?

    Any suggestion, link to web site, idea?

    matteo_cardelli, May 22, 2005
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