Orcon accelerator for Mac does not work.

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Jamie Kahn Genet, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Installed it, opened a connection via 56K modem and... nothing.
    Accelerator menu reports a high speed connection open and is self
    disabled. Ok... poor design, but obviously I need to close my ADSL
    connection before the Accelerator software will accept I've a regular
    modem connection open. I close my ADSL connection and... nothing. Still
    self disabled. It doesn't freaking work.

    Worse, the Accelerator menu is using over 2.5% of my CPU when it's
    TURNED OFF or self disabled. So not just bad design - sloppy programming

    Thank goodness Orcon at least included an uninstall program because I
    needed it five minutes after installing.

    So to re-cap - Orcon Accelerator software for Mac is poorly designed,
    badly programmed and just plain broken :-(

    Oh well, at least 95% of the time I have ADSL access. So I'll continue
    to live with slow 56K connections the other 5%. I shouldn't have
    expected much more from Orcon, not after mucking me around with their
    unbelievably bad Usenet service for over a year.

    Jamie Kahn Genet
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Apr 21, 2005
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  2. was the software written by Orcon?

    What is it meant to do?

    Im guessing it is one of those software compression things that orcon
    cache and compress whatever it is your downloading/looking at, lowering
    the quality of pics etc, and then your PC/Mac de-compresses it at your
    end giving you the illusion of a faster connection?
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Apr 21, 2005
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  3. If not Orcon, then it was sub-contracted or licensed by them. It carries
    the Orcon brand name, the software has the Orcon icon, it comes with an
    Orcon license agreement. It's Orcon software all right.
    Basically it's lossy compression for text and graphics downloaded via
    Illusion - nope, I belive it does do the job (well - if it worked), but
    only with text and graphic data - it won't help P2P, FTP or the like.

    Jamie Kahn Genet
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Apr 21, 2005
  4. I'm sorry to hear this
    Orcon has always supported Mac users, and although they are just a small
    percentage of users, we wanted to make the effort with our acceleration
    software to include Mac users so that they didn't feel left out.
    I haven't heard the same thing yet from any other Mac users - can any other
    mac users confirm / deny this experience? I know that we did of course test
    the software, so it must work on at least some machines.
    We have had some very positive feedback regarding the PC version


    CEO Orcon Internet
    Seeby Woodhouse - Orcon Internet, Apr 21, 2005
  5. Jamie Kahn Genet

    Invisible Guest

    Invisible, Apr 21, 2005
  6. Di any of those accelerators work

    A few ISPs have them
    FreedomChooser, Apr 21, 2005
  7. Jamie Kahn Genet

    Paul Guest

    I tested out out the mac client myself usually on bitstream, found it
    worked quite well, noticeable performance increase, sorted of made
    browsing on dialup bearable.
    My System Spec's
    12" Powerbook G4 1.33, 768MB Ram, MacOS X 10.3.9
    Paul, Apr 21, 2005
  8. so I was right then, it compresses the content and gives the illlusion
    of a faster connection. Illusion because connection speed doesnt change,
    image quality does(setting can be changed), and local caching occurs
    which probably makes the most difference.
    Dave - Dave.net.nz, Apr 21, 2005
  9. Hmm... perhaps it's just this configuration on my iMac. If I get the
    time I'll try it out on another Mac of mine.

    Like you Paul, I hope, or hoped this lossy compression software would
    help make the approx. 5% of the time I'm forced to use dialup a little
    more bearable.

    BTW, Seeby - I know my post was very blunt, but I'm still annoyed about
    the Usenet debacle. If it helps, I find Orcon's other services quite
    acceptable these days. Tech support is a lot more responsive, which is

    Jamie Kahn Genet
    Jamie Kahn Genet, Apr 22, 2005
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